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Aeko Technologies is your trusted local provider of AWS support and AWS consulting in the Denton, TX area. When you partner with us, you will receive the Amazon Web Services cloud computing expertise your business needs to continue growing. Contact us today for assistance with your new or existing AWS infrastructure.

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AWS can help you scale

Cloud computing has opened doors that were previously closed to most small businesses. Without large budgets to support the infrastructure and the staff required to manage that infrastructure, many businesses were left out of growth opportunities. That is now, thankfully, no longer the case. Cloud offerings such as AWS offer opportunities to scale your computing environment to match your business goals. Other advantages include:

  1. Scalability. Adjust your computing as needed without purchasing additional hardware.
  2. Business continuity/ disaster recovery. With data centers all over the world, your cloud computing environment is safe. No backup tapes or additional hardware are required on your part.
  3. Software/ firmware updates. A large percentage of cybersecurity incidents are tied to improperly updated hardware and software. With cloud computing, this is all done for you automatically.

Aeko Technologies can streamline AWS implementation

While it's true that you can point and click to create a full infrastructure on AWS, that's not how you run your business. You thoughtfully consider all options and risks before making a move, and that's why you're successful. When it comes to your current computing environment, there can be quite a substantial amount of apprehension regarding migrating your existing on-premises infrastructure to a fully cloud-based one. After all, this is your data, and your customers expect the same level of service you have always provided. Here are typical concerns when migrating to the cloud:

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  1. Security. One of the more common breach sources is improperly configured storage instances.
  2. Costs. You move to the cloud to save money; however, it's common for new customers to experience sticker shock if the environment isn't properly configured. We can prevent this.
  3. Compliance. If your business is subject to regulatory compliance such as PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, etc., you will want to take particular care when setting up your environment.
  4. Performance. You are moving to the cloud for cost-effective, high-performing and flexible computing. However, if your infrastructure is improperly configured, bottlenecks can frequently occur.

To mitigate these concerns, consider working with a dependable IT solutions provider like Aeko Tech. We will partner with your business to support your goals and objectives for the migration, so implementation goes smoothly for both you and your customers.

We can also bolster your existing cloud infrastructure

If your company already has an AWS infrastructure but is experiencing growing pains or other issues, let our experts help you. AWS changes frequently and it can be difficult to manage the various offerings. Our cloud advisors offer AWS support that can help you identify sources of performance issues and pinpoint areas of opportunity to dramatically improve your capabilities.

We understand that leveraging AWS can be an intimidating and frustrating experience. Since we are your local provider of cloud computing support in the Denton, TX area, your business goals are our business goals. As a Aeko Technologies partner, you will work with an expert technical consultant who understands your business. Let our experts walk you through the solution that fits your specific needs today.

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