Ransomware Attack Response Checklist

Be Prepared for a Ransomware Attack: Download the 2021 Ransomware Response Checklist

People are a business’s biggest security risk, so training your team on the cybersecurity basics is critical. To help, we’ve put together this simple download. Post and share so your staff will know what to do if they’re hit with ransomware. 

Yikes! You’ve been hit with a ransomware threat. What is it and how do you respond?

Ransomware is a type of malware that blocks access to a victim’s (company’s) data by threatening to publish or permanently block that data unless a ransom is paid. 

Ransomware payment demands averaged $178,254 in Q2 2020, up 60 percent from the first quarter according to Coveware. In the same report, businesses averaged 16 days of material business interruption following an attack. 

If you or your organization are hit with a ransomware attack, you should take the steps defined in this one-page flyer. It will tell you:

  • What analysis-based measures are needed
  • How to keep business continuity
  • How to prevent future attacks
  • Plus much more information!

Email the flyer, post it and put it on the agenda for discussion at your next staff meeting.  Knowing what to do during a ransomware attack is a critical part of securing your business.

Download the Checklist

If you need help to train your team in implementing this checklist, reach out or book an appointment for a free, no-pressure consultation.

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2021 Ransomware Response Checklist

Know what to do if you are hit with a ransomware attack! Get this free, easy-to-follow checklist to post and share with your team.


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