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recovery time objective

Setting Recovery Time Objectives That Fit Your Business

By Brian Rodgers | April 8, 2021

Setting a recovery time objective is one of the toughest decisions for a business to consider. After all, any downtime can feel catastrophic. And the amount of downtime a business can reasonably weather varies from business to business — and sometimes from season to season.  Here’s how to start figuring out the right recovery time…

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2021 texas freeze

IT Lessons Learned From 2021 Texas Freeze

By Brian Rodgers | April 5, 2021

IT techs continually talk about safeguarding IT data from hackers and natural disasters. Worst-case scenarios are always discussed. What’s not often mentioned is sustained interruption of data, such as what businesses recently experienced with the 2021 Texas freeze that crippled millions of people and businesses throughout Texas. Here’s what happened: The ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council…

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aeko cloud computing advantages for business

Fall in Love With Cloud Computing Advantages for Business

By Brian Rodgers | March 25, 2021

COVID-19 forced many businesses into cloud computing, at least partially. But should your business fully migrate to the cloud for the long term? That’s a question many of our clients face. Here are some factors to consider. Cloud Computing Cloud computing has been around for years  but few companies, especially small businesses, took advantage of…

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cyber security company

IT Services Company vs. Cyber Security Company

By Brian Rodgers | March 18, 2021

When it comes to cyber security, one size definitely does not fit all and comparing providers can feel like comparing apples to oranges (or maybe to apple juice). But most businesses promising better cyber security fall into one of two categories — cyber security companies and IT service providers. Cyber Security in a Vacuum Cyber…

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Microsoft Exchange Server

Take Action TODAY on Microsoft Exchange Server Zero Day Hack

By Brian Rodgers | March 8, 2021

Still running a Microsoft Exchange Server on premises? Your environment is at risk. Earlier this week, Microsoft announced critical vulnerabilities that need patches immediately. Take action today to protect your data. Then make plans to move off your on-premises servers to Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft 365, which Microsoft has confirmed are not affected. The…

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IT Support For Business

Make Finding IT Support for Business Easier: Download the 2021 Managed IT Checklist

By The Aeko Tech | March 4, 2021

We know that finding managed IT support for your business can be a little overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. To help, we’ve created a one-page checklist to help you gather the information you’ll need to find an MSP that’s right for you. You’re on the hunt … Maybe you’re looking for a business…

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Why You Need a Proactive Managed Services Provider

Why You Need a Proactive Managed Services Provider (MSP)

By The Aeko Tech | February 11, 2021

It’s always better to be proactive than reactive whether it’s a health issue, a financial issue or an IT issue. Proactive IT support will keep your systems protected by anticipating problems and resolving them BEFORE they happen.  “A proactive MSP realizes the importance of demonstrating managerial oversight to all aspects of the client’s company. It’s…

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Microsoft MFA Warning

Don’t Be Confused by the Microsoft MFA Warning: The Bottomline on Multi-Factor Authentication

By The Aeko Tech | January 28, 2021

As cyber security experts, we agree with the Microsoft MFA warning. But don’t get confused into thinking all multi-factor authentication is dangerous. Here’s the full story. What Is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)? Multi-factor authentication (MFA) sounds a bit scary, but it’s actually pretty simple. You know that password you use to sign into your account? That…

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Managed IT Support

What Is Typically Included in Managed IT Support and How to Leverage It to Reach your 2021 Goals

By Brian Rodgers | January 21, 2021

So what exactly is managed IT support? Basically it is a complete IT team at your disposal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Managed IT support (or managed IT services) is an industry term for the services provided by a managed support provider (MSP). An MSP is simply a company that specializes in…

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