Cyber Security Management In Layers

Bulletproof Your Cyber Security Management by Layering Services

Businesses are getting hit hard these days with messaging about cyber security tools and services. But it’s important to remember that good cyber security management is a lot like a bulletproof vest: It works because of the layers.

A bulletproof vest isn’t just made of thick Kevlar. It has multiple layers of Kevlar and other soft fabrics along with hard metal or ceramic plates. It is the combination of these materials that give body armor its bulletproof protection.

Cyber security is much the same. If you are relying on a single piece of software, such as an antivirus program, you are exposed. You’re probably going to get hit with ransomware, like Garmin, Fort Worth  ISD and so many other companies have experienced. It’s time to layer.

Cyber Security Management Layers

Cybersecurity management is about more than a single program or software. You need interconnecting pieces that come together to protect your business. Here are some categories to get you started:

  • Endpoint Tools. Your antivirus is one tool, but you also need anti-malware programs and advanced end-point protection products.
  • Firewalls. These can be configured to control the type of traffic and data that touches your computer or network. They can be software programs, like Windows Firewall, or hardware devices that sit outside your computer. A combination may be needed, especially for remote work.
  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS). The IDS/IPS work together to  monitor your network for suspicious activity and raise the alarm to your IT team or managed service provider. They may also be able to block the attack completely or limit/slow it until your cyber security specialist can intervene.
  • Policies. An IT usage policy will help keep everyone on the same page to understand what is expected and why it is important.
  • Training. Even if all of the above is in place, you still have one, large gap in your cyber security: people. Cybercriminals know this, which is why phishing and other social engineering attacks are so much more common. Training your team on the dangers, what to look for and how to respond to and report issues is key to cyber security management.

All these different layers within your security account for your security posture. Cyber security management is about choosing the components for each category and putting them into place.

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