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Is Your IT Failing Your Business? How IT Service Management Can Help

First, understand that an IT service management (ITSM) company does not just manage and protect your data. It uses a process to create, deliver, plan, support, implement and operate your IT technology to best serve you and your customers or clients. That includes all technology services and devices: laptops and the applications on them, servers, printers, all software applications, even your passwords.

A manufacturing firm will need one type of plan or process, while medical offices or law firms will need another. Each business uses different types of data (spreadsheets vs. photos, for example) and therefore requires different support.

That’s what an ITSM such as Aeko does. It caters to your business needs no matter what type of business you have. 

What IT Service Management Provides

So what exactly does catering to your business mean? Well, it means an IT service management company will:

  • Streamline your infrastructure to better deliver the high-quality internet technology needed for your business.
  • Examine every application, every endpoint (computer, phone, scanner, etc.) to assure it is up to date, and update them if they are not.
  • Assure that access to your company data is only allowed to an authorized current endpoint user (staff, client, etc.). The ITSM will purge the system of former employees or clients who can still get into your network because someone forgot to block their access when they left the company.
  • Check your cybersecurity process and plans and reinforce them, or replace them with ones that are safer.
  • Advise you on the best type of backup to handle any possible breaches to your data whether they come from natural disasters or criminal action.

Bottom line: ITSMs oversee all workplace technology so you don’t have to. That means all computers, all software, all processes, all servers. . . all technology and technology services. While doing that, the ITSM reduces costs, which leads to better service, which leads to more customer satisfaction.

ITSMs do this by: 

  • Building and implementing the IT technology. 
  • Enforcing the right process for your company.
  • Educating your staff about the technology and sticking to the process.
  • Re-educating them when circumstances dictate.

Benefits of IT Service Management 

  • Reduces IT costs (scopes out redundant or obsolete assets)
  • Improves service
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Enables teams to share knowledge
  • Reduces risk factors
  • Helps prevent breaches and plans strategies for natural disaster situations as well as criminal ones
  • Reduces downtime when breaches occur
  • Improves efficiency
  • Adapts to your needs

Aside from the obvious benefits above, the day-to-day conveniences of using an ITSM are many. ITSM is not just support via a help desk or a service desk. Those are part of the service, but ITSM is much broader than that.

ITSM handles all service requests whether they are requests for a new piece of equipment (I need a new computer), an incident that affects the system (my computer is down), a recurring problem (this application is stuck again) or a change to the system (I need to add, remove or modify the database).

There is often confusion in what “service desk” or “help desk” mean especially since these terms mean one thing to one company and something else to another. With ITSM, it truly doesn’t matter. All you have to do is call or submit a “ticket” and it will be handled.

ITSM Enhances Your Return On Investment (ROI)

ITSM improves ROI because your tools and support are standardized, integrated and consistent in your framework. It also helps:

  • Identify processes or steps that can be simplified or eliminated because they are  redundant or out-of-date.
  • Run cost-benefit analysis.
  • Automate the processes, thereby incurring less time, effort and providing a reduced margin of error.

All of these practices allow your business  to make adjustments that will save money. 

Learn more about how IT service management can help your business. Contact us or book a meeting for a free consultation.

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Brian Rodgers

Before Brian founded Aeko in 2016, he oversaw large teams as an IT executive within the oil and gas industry, leading the technology infrastructure that helped that company grow to an S&P 500 company. He is passionate about bringing those same strategies to small and midsize businesses, enabling them to scale their services and adapt more quickly to market changes.