Password Manager for Business

The Answer to Remembering Passwords

Easier Password Security for Your Business

Remembering passwords for each of your sites has become a nightmare. Most require multi-factor authentication (MFA) or at least an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, symbol and number and have to be at least eight characters long. Trying to remember all those characters for the myriad sites you access is daunting.

The answer to that headache is LastPass, more specifically for your business, LastPass for Business.

How LastPass for Business Works

LastPass is a password manager. It allows you to store hundreds of your passwords without needing to remember them. All you need to remember is ONE password: the one for LastPass. And you can have LastPass available to you on any device anywhere in the world.

With the move of business out of a physical workplace to a remote one, security issues are more difficult to manage. The business version of LastPass provides identity and access management (IAM) to a remote workforce easier by securely connecting employees to their work, all while IT maintains complete control.

Here’s what else it does:

  • Manages employee access. Your IT department (even if working remotely) needs to know who is accessing what.
  • Enforces MFA across all applications and workstations (remote or not) to maintain security at all times from every access point.
  • Allows secure password sharing so teams can share data while IT monitors those passwords to ensure security.
  • Disables auto-refill on suspicious sites to prevent phishing attacks, again allowing IT to manage the risks.

Help Employees Securely Save, Remember and Share Passwords

Saving passwords to a browser, Excel file or notebook simply isn’t safe. Neither is sharing them by email or text. A password manager like LastPass helps you prevent employees from taking these risky behaviors by making secure password management just as easy.

Have passwords that multiple people on your team need to use? LastPass for Business allows you to set these up in shared folders and delegate access. LastPass even takes care of one-off password shares with the click of a button. All recipients need to do is log in to LastPass to see the shared credentials.

With the collaboration of LastPass For Business and Aeko, you will have the best security available today. 

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