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Hiring IT Staff Headaches and Tips

Hiring IT Staff Headaches and Solutions

By Maria Marotta | May 5, 2022

If hiring IT staff feels like an uphill battle right now, you are not alone. The Wall Street Journal recently confirmed in, there simply are not enough qualified applicants to fill those jobs.  Finding people with cloud services experience is especially tough.  Here are a few reasons for this dearth in qualified applicants: Because of…

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5 Steps to Create a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Follow These 5 Steps to Create a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

By The Aeko Tech | April 21, 2022

A business continuity plan (BCP) is the key factor that will determine how well your business responds in the event of a disaster or an emergency. Having a BCP can ensure that you’re prepared for the unexpected. According to a January 2021 article published by Entrepreneur, 20 percent of small businesses fail within their first…

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Credential Stuffing image

Combating Credential Stuffing – Credential Theft

By The Aeko Tech | April 7, 2022

Recent cyber attacks have put businesses across the country on edge. Ransomware attacks like that in Borger last summer, are just one type of cyber attacks businesses may face. We are especially concerned about the rise in login-credential related attacks, also known as credential stuffing. There has been a 450 percent increase in these attacks…

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5 Ways to Limit IT Liability With Field Technicians

By Brian Rodgers | April 5, 2022

Field technicians are essential to providing IT support, but they also introduce an IT liability to your infrastructure. This is an emerging threat as there are more and more endpoints to manage and secure. In this article, we’ll outline five ways to limit your IT liability while allowing field technicians to do their job. Endpoint…

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2022 Tax Season Phishing Scams image

Security Risk Alert: Tax Season Phishing Scams

By Brian Rodgers | March 17, 2022

How can accounting and financial firms avoid being one click away from disaster this 2022 tax season? With phishing scams, malicious email attacks, SMS or other digital platforms, cyber security is a definite necessity in businesses today. Tax season phishing scams are a real threat. It’s estimated that three billion phishing emails are sent each…

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Cyber Security Measures Shouldn’t Kill Productivity

By Brian Rodgers | March 3, 2022

It is possible to create and maintain your cyber security without hampering your business productivity. All too often, there are clashes between your team and cyber security measures that limit access to files and systems. That does not have to happen. Aeko’s approach to cyber security keeps business running smoothly for all our clients while…

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