Cyber Vulnerability Assessment

Proactively Protect Yourself and Your Business From Cyber Threats

Maybe you’ve experienced a cyber attack and want to do everything possible to prevent another one. Or, you’ve witnessed cyber threats and want to prevent a full-on attack. Either way, Aeko’s cyber vulnerability assessment includes a full cyber security audit to uncover any weaknesses in your digital infrastructure.

Find The Cracks In Your Armor

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Complete Assessment

Aeko will check your entire network, including end point devices, cloud security and access.

Review Findings

We’ll review a multi-page report and personalized summary with you, including a deep dive into any major issues.


We’ll eliminate any holes or weaknesses in your digital infrastructure.

The Cyber Vulnerability Assessment Includes

Digital scan

Network inspection including:

    • Users
    • Devices
    • Device Aging
    • Storage

Security score

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