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AEKO - SEC Cyber Security Compliance Requirement

New SEC Cyber Security Compliance Requirement: Will It Impact Your Business?

By Brian Rodgers | April 10, 2024

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has recently set in place some new cyber security compliance rules to accommodate the growing world of technology.  For businesses everywhere, cyber security continues to be a major concern. Technology is advancing by the day but that also means cyber criminals are becoming smarter. Recognizing this evolution, the…

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Data Privacy and Protection Why It Matters - Aeko

Data Privacy and Protection: Why They Matter

By The Aeko Tech | March 20, 2024

If you’ve gotten to this page, it’s clear you’re interested in data privacy and protection. But why do they matter? As an expert managed service provider, we know cyber security issues have skyrocketed in recent years. From phishing attempts to ransomware attacks, buttoning up your data privacy settings in today’s world is critical to avoid…

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5 Cybersecurity Survey Best Practices - Aeko

5 Cybersecurity Survey Best Practices

By Brian Rodgers | March 11, 2024

So, you’ve recently decided to get cyber insurance, but are now faced with a cybersecurity survey. What do you do? How do you fill it out?  And what does it have to do with offroading? As the proud owner of the General ARTT (Aeko Rover Twenty Three), a Polaris General XP 4 1000, I’ve learned…

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Sustainable Technology Solutions Green Tech for Tomorrow’s Businesses - Aeko

Sustainable Technology Solutions: Green Tech for Tomorrow’s Businesses

By Heather Theriot | March 6, 2024

Businesses around the globe are increasingly embracing eco-friendly sustainable technology solutions, but not for the reasons you might initially expect. They’re not only implementing these solutions for the positive impact on the environment; it’s also for the benefits green tech can bring to the bottom line.  As an expert managed service provider, we know that…

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Artificial Intelligence Policy Recommendations What to Include - Aeko

Artificial Intelligence Policy Recommendations: What to Include

By Brian Rodgers | February 21, 2024

At Aeko Technologies, we’re all about embracing the future, and artificial intelligence (AI) is a game-changer. But hold up: With great power comes great responsibility, right? That’s why, as managed service providers, we’re getting into the nitty-gritty of creating an AI usage policy with our expert artificial intelligence policy recommendations. Ready to explore how AI…

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Remote Internet Access Starlink and Low Latency Internet - Aeko

Remote Internet Access: Starlink and Low Latency Internet

By Brian Rodgers | February 19, 2024

If there’s one thing we’ve learned as an expert managed service provider, it’s that a solid internet connection is non-negotiable. Whether you’re managing a startup from your home office or navigating the wild terrains with General ARTT (our Aeko Rover Twenty Three UTV), having a reliable connection is key. And that’s where the Starlink Roam service…

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Safe in the Cloud Navigating Cloud Security Challenges

Safe in the Cloud: Navigating Cloud Security Challenges

By Brian Rodgers | February 14, 2024

One of the most common cloud security challenges out there is misconfiguration. Unfortunately, this challenge is often overlooked when companies plan cybersecurity strategies.  Since cloud apps are typically quick and easy to sign up for, the user often assumes that they don’t need to worry about security because it’s handled. It couldn’t be further from…

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Tech and Mental Health When You Should Take a Break

Tech and Mental Health: An Evolving Relationship

By The Aeko Tech | February 7, 2024

The relationship between tech and mental health is complicated, with the tech we use shaping our mental well-being both positively and negatively. While technology has undeniably enhanced productivity and connectivity, it has also ushered in challenges that can negatively impact mental health.  As a trusted managed service provider, we recognize the importance of addressing these…

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8 Small Business IT Audit Basics - Aeko

8 Small Business IT Audit Basics

By Brian Rodgers | January 24, 2024

Hey there, fellow small business trailblazer! Welcome to the era where our businesses rely on the intricate dance of IT systems. Today, we’re diving into the world of IT audits, not to drown you in techy jargon, but to toss you a life preserver of insights. At Aeko Technologies, we get it; a small business IT…

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