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IT Compliance for Energy Industry

IT Compliance for Energy Industry: Oil, Gas & More

By Brian Rodgers | July 22, 2021

IT is complex, especially for those in the energy industry. Compliance, security, infrastructure—all can be mind-boggling without the right partner.  As a managed service provider with years of experience navigating the complex energy industry, we at Aeko Technologies encourage energy business owners to find a good IT and cyber security partner for expert guidance. As…

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Kaseya, Remote Monitoring and Management, RMM

Kaseya VSA Breach: Does It Impact You?

By Brian Rodgers | July 20, 2021

By now you have likely heard of the ransomware breach experienced by thousands of companies that use the Kaseya VSA Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) product. As a cyber security and managed service provider, Aeko Technologies does provide RMM to clients, but does not use Kaseya VSA to do so. That means Aeko clients are…

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Cyber Security Testing

What Cyber Security Testing Do You Really Need?

By The Aeko Tech | July 15, 2021

Aeko Technologies provides managed IT services plus cyber security services in Fort Worth. Our years (and years) of experience in security and compliance put us solidly at “expert” status. We regularly conduct cyber security testing for our clients. However, many IT providers do not provide this crucial service. Local businesses may not find out that…

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Aeko Technologies Phishing Prevention Cheat Sheet

Don’t Take the Bait: Download the 2021 Phishing Prevention Cheat Sheet

By The Aeko Tech | June 10, 2021

We know it is all too common for companies to fall victim to cyber attacks, especially when they’re right in your inbox. How can you spot a phishing email? How can you prevent them? To help, we’ve created a one-page cheat sheet of phishing prevention tips with do’s, dont’s and nevers. This one-page, easy-to-follow cheat…

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Understanding IT Compliance: 6 Laws Every Business Should Know

By Brian Rodgers | May 20, 2021

As a managed service provider, part of our role is to help small businesses determine where they need to adjust their procedures to remain compliant and to help implement those processes. If IT compliance is not on your radar, it needs to be. If you are non-compliant, even a minor cyber security attack could lead…

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Tornado Prep For Business: Refresh Your Disaster Recovery Plan

By The Aeko Tech | May 13, 2021

It’s that time again, Fort Worth! As a managed service provider, we’re always talking to clients about preparing for disaster, whether it’s a tornado or cyber security attack. Here are some tips to protect your business.  In case you didn’t realize it, we are in the midst of the most likely tornado season. Historically speaking,…

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Aeko Technology Firms Return to Work

Create a Thriving Hybrid Workplace: Tech CEOs Offer Back To Work Tips

By The Aeko Tech | May 6, 2021

Spring is in the air and COVID vaccines are rolling out across the country. In Texas, the economy has been declared “100 percent” open again by the governor as of March. That means the return to the office has already started for many, or lies just ahead. But what will it look like? And how…

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it provider

10 Signs It’s Time to Break Up With Your IT Provider or MSP

By Brian Rodgers | April 29, 2021

Yes, breaking up is hard to do but it is often the best thing for your business — especially if it provides greater security and allows for future growth. The fact is if your IT provider isn’t moving your business forward, it is probably holding it back. So, watch for these 10 signs that it…

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it service management

Is Your IT Failing Your Business? How IT Service Management Can Help

By Brian Rodgers | April 22, 2021

First, understand that an IT service management (ITSM) company does not just manage and protect your data. It uses a process to create, deliver, plan, support, implement and operate your IT technology to best serve you and your customers or clients. That includes all technology services and devices: laptops and the applications on them, servers,…

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