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When you’re ready to hand off IT worries, we swoop in to help. You can rely on us for more than just managed IT services: We offer strategic partnership; keeping you in the loop while removing day-to-day distractions. We become part of your team, act fast when you need help and collaborate in your success. In fact, we might be more upset over your downtime than your staff is.

Your time at work is valuable. How much of it are you wasting fighting tech fires or waiting for a response from tech support? Downtime could be derailing your productivity or grounding your goals. And why isn’t your computer talking to the printer? You don’t need this stress.

Customized, Not Cookie Cutter

Your entire team can relax and trust Aeko. Every single one of our managed IT services solutions can be scaled and priced to fit your organization. Your staff won’t need to keep watch for new technology solutions. We will be your eyes, ears…. and tech brains.

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Managed IT Services In Dallas Fort Worth

Why Outsourced Managed IT Services?

Most small and mid-sized businesses simply can’t afford a full IT department. And putting all the responsibility on one person is asking for trouble. Without managed IT services, you could be risking:

Expensive downtime

Exposure to cybersecurity threats

Falling behind competitors that are more tech-savvy

No one to turn to when something goes wrong, and it will

The ROI on Managed IT Services

You understand that technology plays a vital role in your company today. The need to invest is clear, but where’s the return? Most small- to mid-sized businesses save money by outsourcing managed IT services. 

For less than hiring one mid-level staffer, with managed IT services you get:

The collective knowledge of an entire team

Big-picture view from a service provider that works with other companies like yours

Round-the-clock, after-hours coverage

A team that’s always available for you and no worries about covering vacations

IT Company Compliance Experts Aeko Technologies

What Are Managed IT Services?

As your managed IT service provider, Aeko Technologies agrees to perform a set of IT tasks for you at a flat rate. We always customize services to our clients’ needs, but they typically include: security and software updates for PCs, servers and networks; help desk support; IT education; and strategic IT planning.

With managed IT services from Aeko, you can put your focus back where it belongs: on your business.

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