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Technology Is What Your Burleson Small Business Relies On

 Are you wasting your time deciphering IT jargon or learning about the latest cyber threats? You’ve got a business to run and you really don’t need to become a technology expert as well.

Let Aeko be your Burleson IT and cyber security expert. We do the deciphering, check the current threats and mitigate your fears. You will quickly realize that money spent on IT services is an integral part of moving forward and protecting your business goals.

We offer expert IT guidance in plain English. We won’t be flooding you with tech jargon or scaring you into a solution.


We’re Burleson’s only business-first Burleson IT support provider.

Our loyal customers give us a 4.9/5.0 customer satisfaction rating.

We get you and we get compliance! Our on-staff certified information security manager (CISM) knows all the compliance needs for your particular business.

We're led by a former IT director for a publicly traded company.

Is Your Small Business Being Dragged Down Without Quality Burleson IT Support?

Can your current MSP respond 24/7/365 or do they disappear when you need them the most?

Is your technology up to date or are you missing growth goals because it is lagging?

Does your current provider point out your cyber security vulnerabilities and weak spots? Or only react to problems as they surface?

How much downtime do you have? Glitches? Threats? Are these productivity issues affecting both the morale of your staff and the hole in your pocket?


Managed service providers (MSPs) are supposed to give you the Burleson IT support that you need for a sum you agree to pay. Some MSPs use a one-size-fits-all set of services, leaving you paying for services you don’t even need.

Aeko Technologies will not sell you something you don’t need. That’s why we customize services to meet your Burleson company’s needs and goals. This often includes security and software updates (for PCs, servers and networks), help desk support, IT education and strategic IT planning. Best of all, we do not lock you into a long-term contract. We earn your business month after month.

Small businesses are like catnip to cyber actors. That’s because, too often, small businesses treat cyber security as an afterthought or use a one-size-fits-all (OSFA)  security platform  that falls short of protecting their business. By leveraging Aeko’s cyber security expertise, your small business will never be a soft target.

We also provide solid policies, proven procedures and robust staff training to help shield your company from system failures and data breaches. 

Aeko’s team has been keeping both small and big businesses safe for many years. We take a common-sense approach. We are business owners, too, and  we know that security is critical. We also know that it can’t get in the way of getting things done.

Are There Cracks In Your Cyber Security?

Request a Cyber Vulnerability Assessment

This complete cyber audit finds and fixes weaknesses in your digital infrastructure. With a cyber vulnerability assessment from Aeko, you will receive a:

  • Scan and inspection of your network
  • Detailed report
  • Investigation of major issues
  • Plan to address issues
  • Setup a monitoring program for future issue detection

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Our backup and disaster recovery (BDR) plans minimize risk and ensure business continuity. We create “warm sites” that can spin up quickly in case of an emergency. This keeps your business online and appears seamless to clients and customers, allowing your staff to stay productive while we work in the background to address the emergency.

The right DBR plan will help you sleep easier, knowing that your business will survive even the most vicious threats. We take care of creating backups and restoring data as needed, and are always on call 24/7/365 to walk clients through any crisis.

You’ve worked hard to build your business’s assets, financial success and reputation. If you are found to be noncompliant, that could all go up in smoke. From fines and penalties to lawsuits and lost reputation, the risk of noncompliance is real.

Aeko's proven systems protect data and keep your company compliant, whether it is CMMC, HIPAA, PCI or other regulatory needs. You can trust the Aeko team, led by our CEO, whose knowledge of control and compliance stems from his years as CTO of an S&P 500 company managing Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) regulations.

What about your phone system? Is it outdated, unreliable, unadaptable or difficult to use? Your company might be ready for VoIP (voice over internet protocol) and hosted phone systems.

A cloud-hosted PBX solution replaces outdated phone equipment and allows your desk and smartphones to work together. A hosted phone system can make your team more efficient and you can update and manage any device from anywhere. 

These cloud-based phone services could radically improve your communication abilities. You can create routing schedules, unique call flows and failovers for each user’s extension. With a cloud-based phone solution, your desk phone functionality and services stay with you wherever you go.

Using the cloud makes remote work and hybrid work easier. Burleson and other Dallas-Fort Worth companies experience less downtime and are more productive after moving to the cloud. 

With the right IT partner at your side,  cloud migration can be almost seamless. At Aeko, we design the best path to the cloud for your company, keeping in mind your security, scalability, privacy and your return on investment. When it’s complete, your company will be primed for what’s next.

IT Resources for Your Burleson, TX, Business

Is Your IT Running On Empty? Get Real Support

Trudging along without solid IT support is costing you money, time and productivity, whether you realize it or not. Ask yourself:

Are you always fighting tech fires and losing momentum in your business?

Are you burning out a single IT support person (or yourself) by trying to do it all?

Are you falling behind your competitors?

Are you wasting precious time with an IT provider that doesn't get back to you?

Are you losing sleep worrying about your company's security and continuity?

If you answered yes to any of the above, here’s the solution: book a quick consultation. Or, complete this form and we'll reach out to you. There’s no obligation. We’re happy to help.

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Business-First Focus

“Brian is a very sharp business owner and understands business needs and business owner needs from a very high level. He and I can talk turkey. He’s not just coming at it from an IT perspective. He gets what we’re doing and what we need.

- Steve L., Owner, Manufacturing Company

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Great Results

“I feel like Aeko’s got a vested interest in our company and they’re not going to let me down. We’ve had nothing but really great results." 

- Jerry C., Managing Partner, Specialty Retailer

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Money Saving

“I wish I would have signed up with Aeko years ago.  Going cheap on IT support cost me more in time and money than I saved.”

- Trey H., Attorney at Law

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“Brian knows his IT! If you're looking for internet security I would strongly suggest giving Brian a call.”

- Bill B., Syndicated Radio Host

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“Y'all have been my IT guardian angels; every ticket gets handled so quickly.”

- Sarah M., HR Manager, Specialty Retailer

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True Partners

“We are thoroughly convinced they are the best IT company around.”

- Marilyn H., Global Lending Solutions

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