Industries We Support With IT Outsourcing

Leaders in every industry count on Aeko for expert IT services. See how we support yours.

Staying in Your Lane

Every industry has its own ways of working. When you have a vendor or partner who gets that, things just go more smoothly. Knowing someone understands the customs and quirks of your field provides peace of mind. Learn about our experience providing IT outsourcing and services in your industry.

Let our experience in your industry give you a head start. Whether you are a law firm, gas and oil company, nonprofit or other industry, we have experience with businesses like yours. That allows us to hit the ground running with new clients. 

We support a variety of industries throughout the Forth Worth and Dallas regions. Every industry has its own ways of working. Aeko understands the customs and quirks of your field so we can hit the ground running. Learn about our experience providing IT outsourcing and services in your industry.

We Have a Plan for Your Business

We support a variety of industries and company sizes. We love working with startups in growth mode that need fully managed IT to get their company up and running. We also support mid-sized companies with augmented IT staff to support their growth. Larger businesses can also leverage our expertise when they need a helping hand with cybersecurity or custom IT projects.

IT Support For Business in Growth Mode

10-15 employees

No dedicated IT staff

Managed/Co-Managed IT

IT Compliance

Hosted Phone

Cloud Migration


Mid Sized Business IT Support

15-100 employees

Limited internal IT resources

Managed/Co-Managed IT

IT Compliance

Hosted Phone

Cloud Migration


Business Enterprise IT Support

100+ employees

Internal IT staff

Managed/Co-Managed IT

IT Compliance

Hosted Phone

Cloud Migration


Feeling Misunderstood?

For your firm or business, there’s a lot riding on technology. You face unique compliance and cybersecurity concerns. Can you trust a rookie managed service provider to keep you moving forward?

Partner with Aeko and tap into our:

Decades of experience with legal firms and energy companies.

Proven systems customized for each individual client.

Unique business-first approach.

Your industry moves the world: Is technology moving your business forward? Aeko offers unique experience with companies in the energy sector. After all, we're right here in the heart of oil country. Discover how we can streamline tech for you.

Your firm is driven to succeed. You need an IT provider that can keep pace with your high-stakes environment. See how taking tech worries off your plate frees up billable hours for you and your staff. 

Your industry's software, applications and regulatory environment are constantly changing. You need IT support and cyber security services that can not only keep up, but look ahead to proactively protect your business. Aeko is an experience managed service provider supporting local banks, accounting firms, financial planners and more. Learn how we can support you.

As a small business owner, you wear many hats. But keeping up with tech and putting out fires is taking time away from running you business. With the right IT partner, technology can shift from holding you back to helping you grow. Learn how we can help your small business soar.

Your are responsible to your community and your donors to make efficient use of every dollar, not to mention keeping the information entrusted to you secure. Aeko has experience providing managed IT services to nonprofits on a tight budget. Trust us to manage your cyber security and cloud computing so that you can focus on your mission. Learn how Aeko can support your nonprofit.

And Many More ...

Aeko has experience providing IT support to businesses of all sizes across a variety of industries. Whether you’re a new or established small business in Fort Worth, consider leveraging Aeko for IT outsourcing, so you can stay focused on your business. Our approach is to create solutions that enable your organization to reach its goals, not hold you back. In addition to the industries already mentioned, Aeko can support:

How to Pick the Best Fort Worth IT Support for Your Business

Is your business suffering because of IT problems? If tech support phone calls are eating up your time, it’s time to find a managed service provider. In order to pick the best IT partner for your business, come to the table prepared to answer these questions:

  • What are the goals of your business?
  • How much emphasis do you place on cyber security?
  • What are your backup practices?
  • Are you bound by any compliance regulations?
  • What are your expectations from a managed service provider?

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