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With the right business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plans in place, you’ll sleep easier. As a leading provider of disaster recovery plans in Fort Worth, we know shortchanging BCDR isn’t an option. You don’t just want your business to survive, you want it to thrive, no matter what happens.  

When you partner with Aeko, we work with you to design, develop and implement BCDR plans and backup systems.

Backup Plans and Disaster Recovery Fort Worth

Prevention, of course, is the best medicine. Our managed IT services focus on avoiding problems, but we also make sure you’re prepared for disasters with backup and disaster recovery plans built into all our custom plans. After all, having the ability to bounce back from problems is essential. Aeko clients can rest assured they’re covered, because we take care of creating backups and restoring data as needed. And we are always on call to walk clients through any crisis.

Never Miss a Beat

If you’re offline, you’re losing money. A good disaster recovery plan minimizes downtime, but we go even further in terms of business continuity: We create “warm sites” that spin up in case of emergency. This site keeps your business online, appears seamless to clients and customers and allows your staff to stay productive. While we work to address the emergency, you and your employees can easily access the data, work in progress, and the email and software you need.   

Know What To Do When Hit With Ransomware

Whether you've been hit with ransomware or just afraid it will happen, this free downloadable checklist can help. Share this printable guide with your team. It contains: 

  • A short, essential list how to respond
  • How to eliminate the threat quickly and efficiently
  • Steps to prevent future ransomware attacks

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