Is Your Fort Worth Business Secure?

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Texas may be the Lone Star State, but there’s nothing isolated about cyber security. Over 50 percent of all small and mid-sized businesses have been the victim of a cyber attack.

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) has set 18 critical controls to prevent cyber crime. The Aeko Tech team has compiled these controls into a convenient one-page checklist of cyber security essentials, and we want to share this resource with as many local businesses as possible.

To get an idea of what to expect, here’s what you can do with the checklist:

  • Take control of all endpoints connected to your network.
  • Minimize opportunities for attackers.
  • Improve your ability to detect social engineering attacks.
  • Create a DBR plan so you’re prepared if an incident occurs.
  • Defend your network against security threats.
  • Refine and review your vendors to protect your data and save money.
  • And more!

There are 18 business must-haves to check off in order to keep your business secure throughout the year.

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Types of Cyber Attacks Your Business May Face

  • Phishing scams, which target employees via emails containing malware-infected documents and links.
  • Compromised client or personal data due to limited password protection and improper security measures. 
  • Stolen credentials like in the Colonial Pipeline attack, which created a nation-wide gasoline shortage. Compromised credentials are the most common initial attack vector.
  • Network vulnerabilities like those that allowed for the JBS Meat attack, which impacted daily consumers at grocery stores across the country.
  • Ransomware attacks like the Kaseya VSA breach and that which impacted the entire town of ​​Borger, TX.
  • Zero-day vulnerabilities resulting from security gaps in programs, like we saw in the Microsoft Zero Day Hack.

Costs of Ignoring Cyber Security

We understand that there are many responsibilities on your plate and that being there for your clients is the top priority. We also understand that there are serious implications of cyber attacks beyond just a few hours or a few hundred dollars; the results can be fatal to a business. Here are the costs of falling short with your cyber security preventive measures:

$1.5 million

The cost if 10,000 customer records containing PII are compromised


The average ransomware payout


The average cost of downtime (per hour) on a business

$4.24 million

Total data breach costs in 2021 alone

Cyber security protection for the energy, oil and gas industry calls for business continuity with no room for downtime.

Cyber security protection for accounting and financial firms calls for knowledge of the strictest ethical standards and the ability to keep client information confidential.

Cyber security protection for law firms and legal groups calls for protection of client information and adherence to compliance regulations.

Cyber security protection for small businesses is just as important as that for any other sized business. SMB resources are precious and can’t be wasted on preventable cyber attacks.

Regardless of your industry, cyber security is the key to longevity. There is no industry immune from cyber security risks.

Download now and feel more secure that you are covering the cyber security essentials for your business. This simple and easy-to-follow checklist will help you find gaps and discuss how to close them with your IT team or managed service provider.

Benefits of Checking Off Your Cyber Security Essentials

Complete cyber security is a multi-faceted operation. Cyber crime infiltrates any vulnerability in a business, from end-user devices to software, account management to email, browsers to data storage, applications and everything in between.

By downloading this cyber security essentials checklist, you’ll take control of your cybersecurity. Uncover your security competency and decide whether you need outside IT support to supplement your internal team. Take the first step toward protection:

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