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Why Invest in Financial Services IT Support?

Today’s financial services industry depends on constantly evolving software and applications. Regulations and compliance are moving targets, too. Requiring someone on your staff to waste time putting out tech fires is costly and frustrating. Are you sacrificing security, productivity and profitability with inferior financial services IT support services? It's time to invest in better IT support

Our financial services know-how can make a difference in your bottom line. We assess your specific needs and address them following industry best practices.

Understanding the Risks

Providing financial services to individuals and corporations comes with inherent risks. The right IT partner understands your need to keep client data confidential, meet regulations for compliance, maintain your company’s reputation and nurture client relationships. You can trust Aeko Technologies to assess your needs, help you prepare for audits, address issues post-audit and ensure your technology is always up to date.

Understanding the Risks

Providing financial services introduces inherent risks, from safeguarding client data to meeting stringent compliance regulations. We are your trusted partner in assessing specific needs, ensuring the confidentiality of client information, helping you prepare for audits and addressing any issues post-audit. 

Our focus is on maintaining your company's reputation and fostering strong client relationships through secure and compliant IT solutions.

Expect the Unexpected

Comprehensive financial services IT support is about more than preventing downtime; it's about being prepared for the unexpected. Aeko Technologies takes proactive measures, including creating redundancies and developing disaster recovery and business continuity plans. 

Our goal is to protect your organization from potential disasters and cyber threats, ensuring reliable access to customer accounts and safeguarding your data.

Accounting and Financial Services IT Support and Cyber Security

Aeko Technologies specializes in providing top-tier IT support for local banks, accounting firms and financial planners. Our approach begins with a thorough risk assessment, identifying gaps and vulnerabilities in your systems. 

We then implement proven practices to protect both stored and in-motion data, offering you peace of mind and a robust foundation for your financial services operations.

Compliance Excellence

Navigating the complexities of financial regulations is critical for your business. Aeko Technologies ensures that your IT systems not only meet but exceed industry compliance standards. 

From data protection to regulatory reporting, we tailor solutions that align with the ever-evolving financial regulatory environment, allowing you to focus on your core business without the stress of compliance concerns.

Proactive Cybersecurity Measures

In financial services, staying ahead of cyber threats is imperative. Aeko Technologies employs proactive cybersecurity measures, utilizing the latest technologies and strategies to detect and neutralize potential threats before they impact your operations. 

Our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions provide a robust defense against evolving cyber risks, safeguarding your sensitive financial data.

Don't let your staff waste time putting out tech fires and putting your security, productivity and profitability at risk. Invest in better IT support with Aeko Technologies – where industry know-how meets tailored solutions to make a real difference in your bottom line.

Financial Services IT Support

Working With a Pro for Financial Services IT Support

Support starts with a thorough assessment of a company’s risk. We look for gaps and vulnerabilities, then identify the right tools to mitigate those risks. Analyzing the flow of data through an organization is also critical. We implement proven practices for protecting data that’s stored and in motion to give you peace of mind.  

At Aeko, we have experience managing IT for: 

  • Local banks
  • Accounting firms
  • Financial planners

Choose the Right Financial Services IT Support with our Managed IT Checklist

Whether you’re a financial analyst, bank or accounting firm ... Considering an MSP for the first time looking to replace your current provider ... this simple checklist can help. It will help you capture your:

  • Business goals
  • Stats potential MSPs will ask for
  • Risk areas like backup and cyber security practices
  • Expectations from an IT support provider
  • And more!

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