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Just a quick phone call and you’ll get ideas about how our tech plan can power your growth. You’ve got nothing to lose. We guarantee you will walk away with tips you can use even if you don’t decide to do business with us. Here’s what you will get:

  • A review of your business goals, including a full hour with an IT strategist ($220+ estimated value)
  • A personalized walkthrough of our Denton IT Planning Checklist
  • A high-level security assessment
  • A review of our IT support solutions

Are we a good fit for your Denton business? By the end of the call, we will both know. If we are, we'll schedule a free onsite evaluation of your current IT infrastructure, followed by a prompt quote with detailed recommendations and strategies.

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Your Denton Small Business Relies on Technology

You’re an expert on your business but keeping up with technology and cyber security changes can be challenging — even for one-person IT departments and small teams. So don’t waste your time deciphering IT jargon or learning about the newest cyber threats (yes, they keep coming; sometimes daily).

Aeko, an expert managed service provider (MSP) serving Denton, TX, can do it for you. You will quickly see that the money spent on IT support is an integral part of protecting your business and moving toward your goals.

We’re professionals. We won’t flood you with tech or scare you into solutions. We guide, expertly, and in plain English.

Reasons to partner with Aeko for your Denton IT support include:

We’re the Denton area's only business-first IT support provider.

Our on-staff certified information security manager (CISM) knows all the compliance needs for your particular business.

We're led by a former IT director for a publicly traded company.

Our loyal customers give us a 4.9/5.0 customer satisfaction rating.

Are IT support issues dragging your Denton small business down?

Are you unsure of your cyber security vulnerabilities and weak spots?

Does your current MSP disappear when you need them the most?

Is your technology lagging and leading to missed growth goals?

Do you have glitches or threats causing downtime?

Are those situations affecting the morale of your staff and putting a hole in your pocket?

If you answered yes, our Denton IT support services might be right for you.

A managed service provider (MSP) provides IT support services at a flat monthly rate. Many MSPs offer a single set package of services to all clients, whether they need it or not. Aeko is different. We offer services customized for your Denton business. Everything you need and nothing you don’t. Plus, there are no long-term contracts to worry about. We earn your business month after month and year after year.

Cyber criminals love small businesses because they consider them to be very valuable and vulnerable targets. That’s why cyber security is so important. If you’re stuck with a one-size-fits-all security platform, it might fall short of protecting your particular business data.

You need solid policies, proven procedures and robust training for your staff一these are the things that help shield a company from system failures and data breaches.

Aeko’s team has been keeping small and big companies safe for decades with our business-first approach. As business owners ourselves, we know that security is critical, but it also cannot get in the way of getting things done.

Get A Vulnerability Assessment

Protect Your Business From Online Threats Before They Strike

Uncover weaknesses in your digital infrastructure with Aeko’s Cyber Vulnerability Assessment. This full cyber security audit includes:

  • Digital scan of your network
  • Full network inspection
  • Personalized report
  • A deep dive into the major issues found
  • Addressing the issues and setting up a monitoring program to future prevention

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Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) are the keys to assuring that your business will survive the most vicious threats. We take care of creating data backups and restoring data as needed. We are always on call to help clients through any crisis. So rest a little easier knowing we’re watching over this segment of your business.

We create “warm sites” to keep your business online. They can spin up quickly in case of an emergency and ensure business continuity. The warm site appears seamless to clients and customers, allowing your staff to stay productive while we work in the background to address the emergency. We do this as part of our business resilience planning.

Compliance regulations need to be followed scrupulously, or else. Your reputation, your money and your ability to do business are all at stake. Aeko provides proven systems for protecting data and staying compliant, whether it is CMMC, HIPAA, PCI or other compliance needs. This part of our support is led by our CEO, whose knowledge of control and compliance stems from his years as CTO of an S&P 500 company managing Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) regulations.

Is your phone system outdated, unreliable, unadaptable or difficult to use? Perhaps it’s time to switch to VoIP (voice over internet protocol) and hosted phone systems.

New PBX cloud-based systems offer improved communication and enhanced clarity. Replace outdated phone equipment and allow your desk and smartphones to work together, making them more effective and efficient.

Hosted phone systems can create routing schedules, unique call flows and failovers for each user’s extension. The best part: Functionality and services stay with them wherever they go and can be updated and managed from any device, anywhere.

Cloud systems make remote and hybrid work not only possible, but easier on everyone. By moving systems and data to the cloud, Denton and other Dallas-Fort Worth companies have less downtime and are more productive. Cloud migration can be almost seamless with the right IT partner.

Aeko designs the best path to the cloud for your particular company. We take into account your security, scalability, privacy and your return on investment. When we’re finished, your company will be primed for what’s next.

IT Resources for Your Denton, TX, Business

Still Trying to "Wing IT"? Why Not Get Real Support?

Trudging along without solid IT support is costing you money, time and productivity whether you realize it or not.

Are you fighting tech fires instead of growing your business?

Are you or your IT support person burning out by trying to do it all?

How’s your competition doing? Are you falling behind them?

Are you getting frustrated, wasting precious time and money with an IT provider that doesn't get back to you?

Losing sleep worrying about your company's security and continuity?

If you answered yes, you know the possible solution is just a consultation away. Contact Aeko.

We support a variety of industries throughout the Forth Worth and Dallas regions. Every industry has its own ways of working. Aeko understands the customs and quirks of your field so we can hit the ground running. Learn about our experience providing IT outsourcing and services in your industry.

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Denton IT Support Services Testimonials

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Business-First Focus

“Brian is a very sharp business owner and understands business needs and business owner needs from a very high level. He and I can talk turkey. He’s not just coming at it from an IT perspective. He gets what we’re doing and what we need.

- Steve L., Owner, Manufacturing Company

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Great Results

“I feel like Aeko’s got a vested interest in our company and they’re not going to let me down. We’ve had nothing but really great results." 

- Jerry C., Managing Partner, Specialty Retailer

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Money Saving

“I wish I would have signed up with Aeko years ago.  Going cheap on IT support cost me more in time and money than I saved.”

- Trey H., Attorney at Law

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“Brian knows his IT! If you're looking for internet security I would strongly suggest giving Brian a call.”

- Bill B., Syndicated Radio Host

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“Y'all have been my IT guardian angels; every ticket gets handled so quickly.”

- Sarah M., HR Manager, Specialty Retailer

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True Partners

“We are thoroughly convinced they are the best IT company around.”

- Marilyn H., Global Lending Solutions

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