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Stuck with a phone system that’s difficult to use, inflexible or unreliable? If you’re not using cloud-based phone services, your business may be missing out. With a cloud-hosted PBX replacing outdated phone equipment, your desk and smartphones can work together to help your employees accomplish their goals.

Be more connected, efficient and productive with hosted phone systems.

The Forecast Calls for Clouds

When you switch to a cloud-based phone system, you can update and manage the system from any device using an online portal. It’s customizable from anywhere. Create routing schedules in advance and take advantage of find me/follow me functionality. Create a unique call flow and failover for each user’s extension.

Be Heard, on the Go or in the Office

Now, more than ever, phone service needs to adapt to changing work environments. With hosted phone systems, you can take work home or on the road without sacrificing reliability. Take calls, send messages, stay on top of everything from anywhere. You can count on the same service you count on at your desk. Ready to make the call?

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Your Hosted Business Phone Systems (VoIP) Questions, Answered

What is a hosted VoIP system?

VoIP (voice over internet protocol) runs your phone system through an internet connection, either from your mobile phone or computer. Sound is converted into a digital signal transmitted via broadband. With a VoIP system, you can ditch the traditional copper wires that can cause time-wasting outages and delays in communication.

What is the best phone system for a small business?

The best phone system for your small business depends on a few factors:

  • Are you installing a new phone system or replacing an existing one?

  • How many phones do you need? Small businesses won’t need as many as large corporations with larger staff and expansive office facilities. Part of choosing the right phone system is deciding if all employees or just a few need to have expanded calling capabilities.

  • What services do you need? Phone, conference calling, video/web conferencing, instant messaging, text messaging, faxing? A comprehensive look at your needs will help you choose the best phone system for your organization.

What are the benefits of hosted phone systems?

Hosted phone systems save time and money. They are easily scalable as your business grows. They eliminate the need for expensive, cluttered PBX hardware and software. Storing data in the cloud is a safe alternative that allows for easy access from anywhere. Plus, updates are automatic. A hosted phone system easily accommodates employees who work remotely.

What is the difference between VoIP and PBX?

Private telephone networks (PBX) with expensive hardware are a thing of the past. Cloud-based communication is managed online. Data is stored securely on the cloud and your team can update your contacts and retrieve messages from anywhere.

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