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A call with our CEO Brian will provide you with the following:

  • One full hour with an IT strategist ($220+ estimated value)
  • Review of your business goals and how IT issues are holding you back
  • Personalized walkthrough of our Dallas IT Planning Checklist
  • High-level security assessment
  • Walkthrough of our IT support solutions

If you enjoy the conversation and want to pursue a business partnership, our next step is to provide a free onsite consultation and evaluation of your current IT infrastructure. Then we will dive into the best strategies to protect your business. Plus, you can find out why we’re so passionate about aviation! You have nothing to lose. Book an appointment now. 

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Grapevine Small Businesses Deserve Enterprise-Level IT Support

You have enough weight on your shoulders and too many hats on your head to take on the role of tech support. We know that IT is complex, which is why our team manages that off your plate. Our tech experts are responsive, honest and reliable. We’re here to support you as a copilot, not drag you down. You can take full advantage of our know-how for less than hiring an internal IT staff.

Top reasons to choose Aeko Technologies Grapevine IT support:

Grapevine’s only business-first IT support provider

Our team has background in a variety of industries

We’re compliance experts

Round-the-clock, after-hours tech coverage

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Are You Winging It For IT Support In Grapevine, TX?

Are you ready to throw your phone equipment out the window?

Do you groan when you have to try to contact your current MSP?

Is your business falling behind on backup and disaster recovery?

Is your cyber security strategy relying on one person (or even a small team) to stay up-to-date on changing threats?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, our Grapevine IT support services may be the perfect fit for your business.

Ground crew, flight crew, pilot, copilot: We handle it all when you pick our managed IT services. What sets us apart from other greater Fort Worth MSPs is the customized nature of our plans. We’ll provide cyber security protection, business continuity plans and 24/7 technical support, but only as much as you need; our solutions can be scaled and priced to fit your organization. You’ll get all of our services for less than hiring one mid-level staffer, plus there aren’t any long-term contracts.

Small businesses are great targets for cyber criminals. With our cutting-edge cyber security solutions, we can stop cyber attacks before they take off. Trying to run your business and handle cyber threats could cost you big time. You could lose tens of thousands of dollars just by opening a phishing email. Our multi-layer cyber security protection, which is scalable, typically includes: 24/7 tech support, end-user security training, security policy creation, anti-virus strategies, backup solutions and more. Our company will partner with your team to keep your business open and thriving with Grapevine IT support.

When Was Your Last Cyber Vulnerability Assessment?

(HINT: If you don't know, You're overdue)

A cyber vulnerability assessment uncovers and addresses any weaknesses in your IT infrastructure. This complete cyber audit includes:

  • Network scan and inspection
  • In depth report with a personalized summary
  • Investigation into the major issues found
  • Addressing each of the issues discovered
  • Setting up a monitoring program to protect your business moving forward

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Don’t risk losing your productivity, reputation or key data resources. Our disaster recovery services give you peace of mind that your data won’t get lost. We utilize best practices with software, hardware and layers of redundancy to protect you from loss. We work with your business to design, develop and implement BCDR plans. With Ultimate Defense disaster recovery, we can also help get your business back on track if a disaster has already occurred: Your employees can easily access data, work in progress, and any email and software needed with our “warm sites.”

Compliance services in information technology ensure you’re following industry standards. We know compliance like the back of our hand. Don’t risk failing an audit, compromising your customers’ confidential information or losing your reputation. Even small businesses are expected to meet these standards. As your IT compliance service provider, we monitor the horizon for regulations including CMMC, PCI, HIPAA and more. When your customers feel secure sharing their information with you, business can thrive.

Calling all business owners: tangled up in the traditional copper wires of an outdated communication system? If so, it’s time to replace your old phone equipment with a cloud-hosted PBX. These phone systems can be managed from anywhere and with any device via an online portal. You can also customize the call flow and failover for each employee’s extension. There’s no need for expensive PBX hardware and software to take up precious office space. Hosted phone systems are scalable as your business grows. Our Ultimate Voice hosted phone systems allow you to be heard from any location.

If you’re feeling pressure to migrate to the cloud, that’s a good thing; you’re one step away from making a great decision. Grapevine businesses can save time and money by moving their systems to the cloud. If your team is doing remote or hybrid work, this is the perfect solution for secure data sharing and storage even without the office Wi-Fi. It doesn’t need to be a hassle: Just outsource your cloud migration to Aeko and our Ultimate Cloud cloud migration services. We migrate, store and back up your data. There are a great number of benefits to using the cloud:

  • Improve efficiency with access to company files from anywhere
  • Work from anywhere with secure data access
  • Secure your data without using third-party applications

IT Resources for Your Grapevine, TX Business

Don’t Let IT Keep You Grounded

Relying solely on an internal IT support person or no IT support at all is risky business. The right Grapevine IT support tech provider can help you soar.

Are you wasting time on tech problems?

Do IT compliance issues keep you up at night?

Is it a struggle to get IT support when you need it?

Does your MSP give you a one-size-fits-all solution?

Are you overpaying for IT support?

If you answered yes, get on a better path with Aeko. Fill out this quick form to contact us.

We support a variety of industries throughout the Forth Worth and Dallas regions. Every industry has its own ways of working. Aeko understands the customs and quirks of your field so we can hit the ground running. Learn about our experience providing IT outsourcing and services in your industry.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for IT:
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Business-First Focus

“Brian is a very sharp business owner and understands business needs and business owner needs from a very high level. He and I can talk turkey. He’s not just coming at it from an IT perspective. He gets what we’re doing and what we need.

- Steve L., Owner, Manufacturing Company

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Great Results

“I feel like Aeko’s got a vested interest in our company and they’re not going to let me down. We’ve had nothing but really great results." 

- Jerry C., Managing Partner, Specialty Retailer

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Money Saving

“I wish I would have signed up with Aeko years ago.  Going cheap on IT support cost me more in time and money than I saved.”

- Trey H., Attorney at Law

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“Brian knows his IT! If you're looking for internet security I would strongly suggest giving Brian a call.”

- Bill B., Syndicated Radio Host

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“Y'all have been my IT guardian angels; every ticket gets handled so quickly.”

- Sarah M., HR Manager, Specialty Retailer

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True Partners

“We are thoroughly convinced they are the best IT company around.”

- Marilyn H., Global Lending Solutions

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