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These days it gets harder and harder to protect your business from cyber attacks. The reason? People! (AKA your staff!) Unfortunately, it’s true that the people who work for you can unwittingly open the door to your networks. Cyber criminals know how to target your people so your best defense is to train your team how to spot fishy (and phishy) emails.

As a managed IT and cyber security provider, we know the tricks that make employees take action. That's why we put all the most important tips for phishing prevention into this easy-to-read cheat sheet. Use it for yourself, post it in your offices, share it with your team.

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“What a great guide! It has all the most important reminders in one place. We used it for team trainings and I also shared it with friends and family. Aeko is always making sure we're up to date on the latest attack trends.”

— Dolores Ott

The Rising Tide of Phishing Attacks


Phishing sites registered by Google as of Jan 17, 2021 


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Organizations in the United States that have experienced a successful phishing attack

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When it comes to phishing, training is the key to preventing a breach. The goal of a phishing attack is to get the recipient to act without thinking. A little awareness can go a long way toward preventing those knee-jerk reactions. This cheat sheet is a great way to remind your team of the DO's, DON'Ts and NEVERs of email safety. Download it, post it, share it, talk about it.

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