Cyber Security in Dallas Fort Worth

Because going IT alone is risky business

Small Business, Big Target

Most small to mid-sized businesses are stuck with one-size-fits-all security software to protect them and their data. With small businesses a ripe target for cyber crime, sub-par protection just won’t do. When your livelihood is on the line, you can’t risk losing data, falling short on compliance or jeopardizing your working relationships with vendors or clients. You need the security services Aeko offers.

Our years (and years) of experience in security and compliance put us solidly at “expert” status. We use cutting-edge technologies to keep your systems safe, minimize risks and promote your company’s productivity. 

Beyond Cyber Security

Cyber security is just one part of an effective information security plan. You need solid policies, proven procedures and robust training to complement your cyber security efforts. Together, all these things will help shield your company from system failures and data breaches. Doing business without proper security measures is asking for trouble.

Balancing Security and Productivity

When the health of your business is at stake, having an expert provider is critical. The Aeko team has many years of experience keeping companies of all sizes safe and compliant with regulations. As business owners, we know that security measures can’t come at the cost of getting things done. We encourage a common-sense approach to cyber security.

Test and Train

In flight school, would-be pilots go through training on the ground and in the air. That training is routinely tested to ensure everyone’s safety. The same is true for IT security: Our team will train your employees in best practices to make sure your company and staff are cyber smart.  

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