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Small Business, Big Target

Most small to mid-sized businesses are stuck with one-size-fits-all security software to protect them and their data. With small businesses a ripe target for cyber crime, sub-par protection just won’t do. When your livelihood is on the line, you can’t risk losing data, falling short on compliance or jeopardizing your working relationships with vendors or clients. You need the security services Aeko offers.

Our years (and years) of experience in security and compliance put us solidly at “expert” status. We use cutting-edge technologies to keep your systems safe, minimize risks and promote your company’s productivity. 

Trying to manage cyber security on your own may cost you.

Without seasoned experts, your business could:

Lose tens of thousands or much more to ransomware attacks.

Leave proprietary client information vulnerable to hackers.

Beyond Cyber Security

Cyber security is just one part of an effective information security plan. You need solid policies, proven procedures and robust training to complement your cyber security efforts. Together, all these things will help shield your company from system failures and data breaches. Doing business without proper security measures is asking for trouble.

Balancing Security and Productivity

When the health of your business is at stake, having an expert provider is critical. The Aeko team has many years of experience keeping companies of all sizes safe and compliant with regulations. As business owners, we know that security measures can’t come at the cost of getting things done. We encourage a common-sense approach to cyber security.

Test and Train

In flight school, would-be pilots go through training on the ground and in the air. That training is routinely tested to ensure everyone’s safety. The same is true for IT security: Our team will train your employees in best practices to make sure your company and staff are cyber smart.  

Fly With the Best of the Fort Worth Cyber Security Companies

The knowledge and expertise of our team at Aeko Technologies gives your organization peace of mind. We serve businesses in Fort Worth and Dallas. Rely on us to plan your complete cyber security solutions.

If you need a small change or a full overhaul of your cyber security measures, Aeko’s got you covered. We can provide computer data security, network firewalls, security management services, wireless network security, virus protection and internet security. We’ll take you under our wing and teach you the best cyber security practices for protecting yourself during day-to-day work.

Cyber Security & IT Services Planning

Your Cyber Security Questions, Answered

What exactly is cyber security?

Cyber security is the process of monitoring, verifying and managing access to prevent hacks and attacks from users who shouldn’t have access to your data. 

What services do cyber security companies provide?

Here’s what Aeko Technologies provides in our multi-layer cyber security protection:

  • Cyber security training/education
  • End-user security training and testing
  • Password management tool
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Security policy creation
  • Threat detection
  • Cyber security consultation
  • Anti-virus strategies
  • Advanced security for endpoints
  • 24/7 IT helpdesk services for PCs and mobile devices
  • 24/7 network operations center monitoring for PCs
  • Backup solutions
  • Hardware purchase or lease
  • Network implementation and management

What are cyber security services?

Cyber security services range from fully comprehensive to minimal but scalable. The right cyber security-focused company  will partner with your team to work towards a common goal: keeping your business open and thriving.

Why is cyber security so hard?

Threats are constantly evolving and cyber criminals are getting smarter, which means more security vulnerabilities for you to worry about. The Aeko Technologies pros are on top of the latest hacks and breaches that could impact your business. It’s also hard to run a business while monitoring your systems for suspicious activity. That’s where our cyber security monitoring services come in to bring you added peace of mind. 

Who should be concerned about cyber security?

There are measures that your entire team can take to prevent cyber security attacks. Unfortunately, employees who are not well-informed about phishing, email scams and other threats can unknowingly allow criminals into your network. Continuous training for your team is the best way to get everyone on the same page in protecting your company’s data and assets.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that holds your data for ransom until you pay a hefty sum; and even then there’s a risk of not getting your data back. It is often spread through phishing emails. Ransomware can bring productivity to a standstill. If you’ve been the victim or an attack, we can help you recover. Partner with us to prevent one in the first place.

Who invented ransomware?

Would you believe a Harvard University AIDS researcher? Hear the whole story:

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Cyber Vulnerability Assessment

This full cyber security audit uncovers any weaknesses in your digital infrastructure. With a cyber vulnerability assessment from Aeko, you will receive a:

  • Digital scan and network inspection.
  • Detailed report with a personalized summary.
  • Deep dive of major issues.
  • Plan to address issues and monitor for future.

Find The Cracks In Your Cyber Security

We support a variety of industries throughout the Forth Worth and Dallas regions. Every industry has its own ways of working. Aeko understands the customs and quirks of your field so we can hit the ground running. Learn about our experience providing IT outsourcing and services in your industry.

Cyber Security Essentials Checklist

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Check your cyber security practices against the 18 critical controls established by the Center for Internet Security (CIS). This free download make it easy to see where you stand and discuss any gaps with your IT team or managed service provider.

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