Ransomed? Get the Ransomware Response Checklist

A ransomware attack: It’s happened or you’re afraid it will happen. We can help. Download this checklist to guide your team to a resolution quickly and confidently. It contains: 

  • Ways to respond. It’s a short list but an essential one.
  • How to eliminate the threat and get back to business as usual quickly and efficiently.
  • Steps to prevent  future ransomware attacks

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“Easy to follow and easy to teach employees.”
— John Silverman


“We are all much more prepared and confident that we can prevent future threats.”
— Kate McConnell

The Ransomware Response Checklist Includes

First Response

How to capture the strain and who to notify immediately.

Business Continuity

Get your back-up running quickly and efficiently including other resources so you can continue business as usual.

Future Prevention

Why the cost of training employees in ransomware prevention is worth it. Simple steps to check off as completed. 

Download now and feel more prepared. This simple checklist includes simple reminders of what to do in case of a ransomware attack.

What to Do in a Ransomware Attack

Download now and be prepared. It’s free.