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Aeko Technologies offers full cloud server migration services in Denton, TX. For all aspects of cloud support migration and ongoing guidance, turn to a company with experience. Contact us now to schedule an appointment with our cloud server migration consultant.

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Cloud server migration is a process of moving from one cloud to the next. There are numerous steps in that process, including a full planning and design process that enables a smooth migration. Aeko Technology provides full cloud server migration. This includes prior and ongoing cloud support to meet a company's unique needs. By working with a cloud server migration consultant, organizations gain the confidence of having an experienced, trusted team available to facilitate and oversee the process, ensuring it goes well.

Cloud Server Migration Support

What Occurs in Cloud Migration Is Dependent on Your Needs

As a professional organization with years of experience, Aeko Technologies has designed cloud migration execution plans for some of the most complex environments. Each project is different, but all include a wide range of strategies designed to build a smooth transaction. Some of those services include the following.

Initial project stakeholder consultations that include:

  • Gathering insight into specific areas of concern
  • Getting industry best practices outlined
  • Determining the benefits of moving to the cloud
  • Analyzing the process, timeline, and costs associated with the process
  • Creating a plan for the necessary skills and training to enable success

Planning the migration will likely entail steps such as:

  • Estimating cloud storage and functional computing needs and resources during the peak performance times
  • Completing an audit of applications and data warehouses to learn what needs to move to the cloud
  • Designing a prioritized workload to mitigate the process and then creating a schedule to manage each step of that process
  • Creating, overseeing, and updating as needed a risk management plan that includes backup strategies

Building a business case will involve the following:

  • Calculating the expected TCO for the migration
  • Calculating the expected ROI likely
  • Determining the feasibility and any challenges that may exist during the process

Project management planning typically will include:

  • Outlining the responsibilities and roles of all involved parties
  • Facilitating a communications plan and how to escalate concerns if they arise
  • Cloud migration workload response timeline management

From this point, it becomes necessary to create an actual migration design, which will include the rehost, replat form, refractor, and other steps involved, and then design application architecture for the cloud. There are numerous other strategies, including designing cloud data warehouses when it is necessary to do so and then using automated tools for the migration process.


The process will then involve:

  • Migrating applications and workloads according to the schedule, creating
  • Configuring and monitoring the infrastructure during the process
  • Integrating the cloud and any on-premises environment
  • Putting in place CI/CD
  • Testing the system. Incorporating automated testing.
  • Optimizing the functionality present.
  • Providing cloud support and ongoing oversite as needed.

Each component of this process is designed to meet the individual needs of the company. That means timelines, efficiencies, and overall security matters are always taken into careful consideration to ensure a swift and efficient process. If there are challenges along the way, which are typically minimized with such careful planning, those are dealt with in a timely and professional manner.

Organizations making the move to the cloud do not have to anticipate business downtime, security risks, or significant employee training or retraining, either. Innovative solutions available can effectively manage the entire process.

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Aeko Technologies is the go-to provider for cloud server migration in Denton, TX. With migration and ongoing cloud support, it is possible to improve efficiency, productivity, and profits using the cloud. Learn more by contacting our cloud server migration consultant to set up an appointment to meet your company's specific needs.

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