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Welcome to your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about the latest in cloud services, platforms and migration. From Microsoft to Webex, our cloud service blogs will assist you in choosing the right platform for your business and offer valuable guidance. Having all your files, platforms and communication tools in one spot will reduce downtime and increase productivity.  

6 Cloud Organization Tips

6 Cloud Organization Tips

By The Aeko Tech / December 29, 2022

Cloud file storage has revolutionized the way we handle documents. Gone are the days of wondering which person in the office has the most recent copy of a document; no…

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Holidays With Remote Teams

Celebrating the Holidays With Remote Teams

By The Aeko Tech / November 17, 2022

The holiday season is nearly upon us and what a bright time (it’s the right time) of year to show gratitude toward your virtual or hybrid teams. All it takes…

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Google Workplace vs Microsoft 365

Google Workplace vs Microsoft 365: Which Is Right For Your Business?

By The Aeko Tech / October 20, 2022

When it comes to business platforms, there are really only two main contenders: Google Workplace vs Microsoft 365. So which should you choose? The answer is…it depends on the size…

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Microsoft 365 Shared Responsibility Cloud Security

What Microsoft 365 Shared Responsibility Means for Your Cloud Security

By The Aeko Tech / September 22, 2022

You’ve probably heard the term “shared responsibility model” but weren’t quite sure what it meant for your business. For cloud services like Microsoft 365, shared responsibility means that the provider…

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business cloud services image

Intro to Cloud Computing: Understanding Business Cloud Services

By The Aeko Tech / June 30, 2022

These days, almost all big corporations and multinational companies transact their business processes over the cloud. Makes sense for large firms with seemingly unlimited budgets. But what about your business and…

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virtual desktop image

Virtual Desktop and Cloud PC: Are They Right for Your Business?

By The Aeko Tech / January 27, 2022

As a provider of Fort Worth Managed IT Services, we have a duty to understand and explain the latest tech trends. Perhaps you’ve heard of software as a service, or…

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Cloud Security image

MYTH OR FACT: Is Cloud Security “Built In?”

By Brian Rodgers / October 7, 2021

Too often, businesses using a cloud service assume that because it’s in the cloud, their data is automatically backed up and secure. As a managed service provider, we see companies…

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aeko cloud computing advantages for business image

Fall in Love With Cloud Computing Advantages for Business

By Brian Rodgers / March 25, 2021

COVID-19 forced many businesses into cloud computing, at least partially. But should your business fully migrate to the cloud for the long term? That’s a question many of our clients…

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Microsoft Exchange Server image

Take Action TODAY on Microsoft Exchange Server Zero Day Hack

By Brian Rodgers / March 8, 2021

Still running a Microsoft Exchange Server on premises? Your environment is at risk. Earlier this week, Microsoft announced critical vulnerabilities that need patches immediately. Take action today to protect your…

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Public vs Private Cloud Services: What Is Right for Your Business?

By Brian Rodgers / December 29, 2020

As an IT support provider for small- and medium-size businesses, we get a lot of questions about “the cloud.” Here are the basics to consider if you’re thinking of switching…

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