Google Workplace vs Microsoft 365 - 2023 Update

Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365: 2023 Update

When it comes to selecting the right business platform, the options often boil down to Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365. Making this decision is a pivotal moment for your business, and at Aeko Technologies, we understand the importance of this choice. 

We’d like to make it unequivocally clear that Microsoft 365 is our provider of choice, and we’re a proud Microsoft partner. In this article, we dive into why Microsoft 365 is the superior choice and how Aeko Technologies’ managed IT services can support your decision.

File Sync and Collaboration

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are both formidable cloud-based platforms that offer essential tools for seamless team collaboration. They both encompass email, chat, video conferencing, calendars and robust file-sharing capabilities. However, Microsoft 365 takes it a step further.

Microsoft’s suite boasts desktop applications, allowing you to work both online and offline. These applications sync seamlessly with OneDrive, giving you the flexibility to choose which apps you want to sync locally. This approach ensures that your files are readily accessible and any changes are automatically synchronized with the cloud.

In contrast, Google Workspace primarily operates online, requiring a constant internet connection. While Google Drive allows offline work, it doesn’t match the sync capabilities of Microsoft 365, where changes effortlessly transition between local and cloud versions.

Scalability and Price

Now, let’s delve into the pricing and scalability aspects. Both platforms start at a base price of $6 per user per month. However, Microsoft 365 offers a diverse range of plans tailored to various business needs, including home, business, enterprise, government, nonprofit and education. This flexibility is advantageous but can be bewildering.

For small businesses, Microsoft provides four plans starting from $6 per user per month, while larger enterprises can choose from four different options with varying features and prices. To maximize value, it’s recommended to pay annually, especially since Microsoft offers more generous storage options and unlimited user options in their Enterprise plans.

On the other hand, Google Workspace’s pricing is per month, which may suit organizations with fluctuating staff numbers. Storage capacity varies by plan, with Business Starter offering 30GB per user, and Business Standard and Business Plus plans capping at 2TB and 5TB, respectively. Google’s highest scalability comes with its Enterprise plan.


When it comes to email management, Microsoft 365 provides robust features for categorization and automatic sorting, making it easier to locate emails. Google, while efficient in search, lacks the folder organization found in Microsoft’s platform. For users accustomed to Outlook, Google Mail’s lack of folders can be frustrating.

Furthermore, Microsoft 365 plans include dedicated storage for emails, ensuring you won’t run out of space for crucial communications.

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Google Workspace 2023 Update: Pooled Storage

Google is transitioning to pooled storage, offering a simpler and more flexible way to manage storage. This change comes with the added benefit of shared drives, enhancing collaborative efforts within organizations. 

However, certain admin-level controls are limited in the Business Starter plan.

Video Conferencing

In the realm of video conferencing, Microsoft 365 takes the lead with more generous participant limits, starting at 300 participants and scaling up to 1,000. Google Workspace offers lower participant limits but provides dial-in phone numbers for convenience.

Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365: Shared Responsibility Model

Whether you choose Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, don’t forget that protecting your data is your responsibility. Learn more about the shared responsibility model and download our Microsoft 365 Security Checklist.

Reasons to Choose Microsoft 365

  1. Seamless offline and online work with desktop apps.
  2. Feature-rich apps that set global standards.
  3. High capacity for video conferencing.
  4. Initial storage capacity and flexibility for scaling.

Wrapping Up

In the Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365 battle, the choice ultimately depends on your specific needs. However, at Aeko Technologies, our unwavering choice and expertise lie with Microsoft 365. 

We are a Microsoft partner, and we firmly believe that Microsoft’s platform offers superior capabilities and scalability for businesses of all sizes. And, if you’re interested in Microsoft 365 tips for your business, we’ve got an excellent blog on the subject.

The Choice Is Yours

At Aeko Technologies, we’re here to help you make the right decision and provide full support for Microsoft 365. Contact us or book a quick consultation to explore how Microsoft 365 can empower your business to grow and thrive with our expert managed IT services.

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