Do's And Don'ts For AI Prompting

AI Prompting Do’s and Don’ts

By The Aeko Tech / July 10, 2024

As Microsoft partners, we see it as our responsibility to help businesses like yours discover everything there is to know about using AI prompting. It’s important to know what to…

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Microsoft Office 2016 vs 365 Making the Right Choice

Microsoft Office 2016 vs 365: Making the Right Choice

By Brian Rodgers / October 5, 2023

Are you debating between Microsoft Office 2016 vs 365 for your business? Here at Aeko Technologies, we understand that this choice can be overwhelming in a world brimming with options.…

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Learn More About Azure Active Directory Reviews

Safeguard Your Network With Azure Active Directory Reviews

By Brian Rodgers / April 27, 2023

If you don’t know about or haven’t ever used Azure Active Directory reviews, you should. These reviews are a cyber security tool to ensure that only those who’ve been given…

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learn new Microsoft 365 Tips for the office (2)

5 Pro Microsoft 365 Tips for Your Business

By The Aeko Tech / March 23, 2023

Microsoft 365 has 48.8 percent of the global market share, making it the most popular of all major office productivity software. The only question that remains is are you making…

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Understanding Microsoft Adoption Score (1)

Understanding Microsoft Adoption Score

By Brian Rodgers / February 7, 2023

The proper use of technology is essential for tracking and improving productivity in any industry. In today’s hybrid and remote workplaces, it’s critical to examine the work product and value…

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Windows 11 For Business image

Windows 11 for Business: Questions Answered

By Brian Rodgers / February 10, 2022

Should you upgrade to the new Windows 11 for business? Or stick with Windows 10? As a managed service provider, we help clients navigate these questions and more. Here are…

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Microsoft 365 Pricing image

Microsoft 365 Pricing to Increase March 2022

By The Aeko Tech / January 13, 2022

Microsoft has announced it will increase prices starting March 1, 2022  for the first time since 2011 when they first launched MS 365. They are not the only ones in…

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moving to Microsoft Teams image

Is Moving to Microsoft Teams the Right Move for Your Business?

By The Aeko Tech / September 9, 2021

Moving doesn’t have to send chills up your spine—at least if you are moving to Microsoft Teams. As a managed service provider, we see firsthand the difference that this collaboration…

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Microsoft Exchange Server image

Take Action TODAY on Microsoft Exchange Server Zero Day Hack

By Brian Rodgers / March 8, 2021

Still running a Microsoft Exchange Server on premises? Your environment is at risk. Earlier this week, Microsoft announced critical vulnerabilities that need patches immediately. Take action today to protect your…

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Microsoft MFA image

Don’t Be Confused by the Microsoft MFA Warning: The Bottomline on Multi-Factor Authentication

By The Aeko Tech / January 28, 2021

As cyber security experts, we agree with the Microsoft MFA warning. But don’t get confused into thinking all multi-factor authentication is dangerous. Here’s the full story. What Is Multi-Factor Authentication…

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