Cyber Security

Our cyber security articles highlight the necessity for taking cyber threats seriously and protecting your business or organization from cyber risks. Learn the best steps to take and applications you can implement to secure your sensitive and confidential information. Read about multi-factor authentication, phishing emails and more. Start monitoring, verifying and managing your user access.

Edge vs Chrome

Edge vs Chrome: Which Browser Is More Secure?

By Brian Rodgers / January 12, 2023

Which web browser is the safest and most secure? Does picking a different web browser even make a difference? When was the last time you considered your browser of choice?…

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Combating Credential Stuffing – Credential Theft

By The Aeko Tech / December 15, 2022

Recent cyber attacks have put businesses across the country on edge. Ransomware attacks like that in Borger last summer, are just one type of cyber attacks businesses may face. We…

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Business Holiday Cyber Security Tips to Know

By Brian Rodgers / December 8, 2022

During the holiday season, companies are the most vulnerable to cyber attacks because they’re often understaffed and lack adequate resources dedicated to business cyber security. You should take steps now…

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Social Engineering image

Social Media Security: Avoid This Social Engineering Ploy

By Brian Rodgers / November 3, 2022

Social media security is about far more than protecting your password. It’s about being aware and careful about what information you share online. Consider this innocent post found recently on…

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Microsoft 365 Shared Responsibility Cloud Security

What Microsoft 365 Shared Responsibility Means for Your Cloud Security

By The Aeko Tech / September 22, 2022

You’ve probably heard the term “shared responsibility model” but weren’t quite sure what it meant for your business. For cloud services like Microsoft 365, shared responsibility means that the provider…

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Crypto Mining on Company Servers

Trend Alert: Crypto Mining on Company Servers

By Brian Rodgers / September 8, 2022

There is a new cyber security risk trending: crypto mining on company servers. This trend involves either an insider or malicious software using your company server to mine Bitcoin or…

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Ransomware Response Checklist 2022 Aeko

Be Prepared for a Ransomware Attack: Download the 2022 Ransomware Response Checklist

By The Aeko Tech / June 30, 2022

People are a business’s biggest security risk, so training your team on the cybersecurity basics is critical. To help, we’ve put together this simple download. Post and share so your…

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IT liability image

5 Ways to Limit IT Liability With Field Technicians

By Brian Rodgers / April 5, 2022

Field technicians are essential to providing IT support, but they also introduce an IT liability to your infrastructure. This is an emerging threat as there are more and more endpoints…

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2022 Tax Season Phishing Scams image

Security Risk Alert: Tax Season Phishing Scams

By Brian Rodgers / March 17, 2022

How can accounting and financial firms avoid being one click away from disaster this 2022 tax season? With phishing scams, malicious email attacks, SMS or other digital platforms, cyber security…

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Ransomware attacks image

Cyber Security Alert: Potential Ransomware Attacks From Russia

By The Aeko Tech / March 1, 2022

Are you in position to protect your business from the threat of ransomware? Aeko, an IT managed services provider can help you proactively protect yourself and your business from cyber…

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