Heather Theriot

Before Heather joined Aeko as a business development specialist in 2023, she is the former owner of a spa business that she built from the ground up, managing all marketing, accounting, administration, customer service and product development. She is passionate about helping build businesses and watching them grow.

AEKO - Computer and Network Security for Gamers

Computer and Network Security for Gamers 

By Heather Theriot / April 24, 2024

We all know that computer and network security is a critical consideration in the growing world of technology, but did you know that something as innocent as online gaming could…

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Sustainable Technology Solutions Green Tech for Tomorrow’s Businesses - Aeko

Sustainable Technology Solutions: Green Tech for Tomorrow’s Businesses

By Heather Theriot / March 6, 2024

Businesses around the globe are increasingly embracing eco-friendly sustainable technology solutions, but not for the reasons you might initially expect. They’re not only implementing these solutions for the positive impact…

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Professional Services Benefits - Aeko

How Can IT Pros Help? Professional Services Benefits

By Heather Theriot / January 10, 2024

The use of technology today extends our work capabilities. With cloud-enabled accessibility and mobility, employees are free to work anywhere. Unified communications with hosted phone systems allow us to integrate…

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Using Professional IT Services to Boost Your Business - Aeko

Using Professional IT Services to Boost Your Business

By Heather Theriot / December 27, 2023

Professional IT services have become an invaluable resource for organizations of all sizes. IT services aren’t just the domain of large corporations; in fact, smaller enterprises stand to benefit immensely…

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