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Brian Rodgers, CEO of Aeko Technologies, loves a good challenge. He can’t wait to take clients’ toughest issues and break them down into easily solvable parts.

Before starting Aeko in 2016, Brian spent 20 years overseeing large teams, including as an IT executive for an oil and gas company. His business-first approach to technology contributed to that company’s growth into a $12 billion dollar, S&P 500 company. He also led organizations through complex changes during large-scale mergers and acquisitions. Brian has a passion for technology education and loves making the alphabet soup of IT easy for everyone to understand.

Brian brought that wide-reaching experience to Aeko Technologies, where he helps small and medium sized businesses navigate the current technology landscape. As a former go-to lead for IT, Brian knows what it takes to oversee all aspects of a growing company and how IT can enable that growth.

At Aeko Technologies, our mission is to provide reliable, responsive and secure IT/network services in addition to long-term solutions for secure operations. Brian’s enthusiasm for helping people fix their IT problems, with a focus on providing a trouble-free environment, has been a key factor in Aeko’s increased portfolio of 50+ clients to date.

As a fellow small business owner, Brian knows that lean technology solutions can help power growth. Brian values bringing real-life, practical solutions to IT services for small and medium businesses, giving them the same potential for growth that’s typically only available to the enterprise players.

Brian earned his bachelor’s degree from Texas Christian University (TCU) in Fort Worth, Texas, and is a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM). Aside from nurturing Aeko as a growing business, Brian enjoys spending free time with his wife of more than 20 years and their two sons. In 2015, Brian obtained his pilot license, building on a passion and hobby he shares with his sons and has extended to the Aeko office decor.

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