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Tech Gift Ideas to Boost Fun and Cyber Security

Finding interesting, workplace-appropriate gifts can be challenging. So why not give the gift of better cyber security? It’s a great way to show your team just how much you value protection. Here is our list of cybersecure (or just plain fun) tech gift ideas for the 2021 season:

Mesh Network

Once all the new internet-dependent presents are unwrapped,  some of them will probably be wishing for a better wireless system. Enter the personal mesh network that ensures internet connection through every nook and cranny of your home. Our personal favorite is Eero.

Sound Systems

Without music, a holiday would  Bb, so give the gift of music for every room with a wireless speaker system. Hook up your TV  through the system and you’ll be able to keep track of the game whenever you have to step away from the screen. Our favorite home wireless speaker system is Sonos. There’s even a portable option so you can take the music outside when gardening, sitting by the pool or washing the car.

The Omni Photo Stick

This gadget takes the worry out of transferring and storing the memories from that office party, friend’s wedding or your last family trip.  It comes in all sizes, for different prices, of course, but the best part is that unlike flash drives, you can plug it into any iPhone, Android phone, Kindle Tablet or computer. It has different nubs for each so you can go from one to the other. Check it out at Omni Photo Stick.

Faster Than Fast Charger

Want to give your employees a charge? A fast one? A new crop of 3.0 fast chargers claims to charge any of your devices with a USB cable, including fast-charge devices from older generations.

Simply plug the USB cord into the port and the Intelligent Current Recognition will identify your device and deliver the correct amount of power. Different devices require unique currents: smartphones, iPads, tablets, Kindles, speakers, all have these unique currents.

The Boltz Pro was the first but there are many other options now available.

USB Data Blockers or Port Blockers

A standard USB charger both powers your device and can transfer data. A blocker stops the data-transfer part from working, making it a secure choice for charging on the go. Data blockers simply block the data flow by preventing a connection. These simple, inexpensive gadgets are useful for anyone, but especially for people who travel. USB data blockers allow you to charge your device without providing access for a data transfer. There are many blockers on the market, including in fun colors. Most cost less than $10 and can be bought in sets. Amazon is a good place to start looking.

Port blockers are also fairly inexpensive. They physically lock or unlock your data port, which also protects the port from physical damage. Some even use a physical key to lock and block a port on your device and do the same to unlock it while others just sit in the port to prevent damage. 

Security Locks for Portable Devices

Imagine a laptop with a bike chain lock and you have a pretty good idea of what a portable security lock does. Most have a four-digit locking code and prevent people from literally walking away with your laptop while you’re refilling your coffee. Quality locks can be found for under $50.

Portable Power Banks

These “banks” don’t hold money. They hold power and can recharge your laptop in record time. There are many with different capacity levels and most are under $100. Power banks also help keep your data safe. That’s because you won’t be tempted to charge devices using public outlets or charging stations that can be access points for cyber thieves. Power banks range in price from $5 to over $100 depending on the number of devices that can charge at once and how many charges they deliver before needing a recharge.

Password Manager Subscription 

Saving passwords to your browser is not secure. (Hopefully, you already know that!) Software password managers work in a similar way, but they encrypt passwords and store them securely. A subscription to a password manager is a great gift for any employee especially if it offers  free versions for when your gift subscription runs out. Some of these subscriptions have family plans, allowing your staff to encourage good security habits for everyone in their household.

Hardware Password Manager

These keychain-sized devices cost about $50 and can store and encrypt all your passwords. Some will also handle multi-factor authentication. Depending on the device, you access your passwords with a PIN or fingerprint. However, they don’t all work with every platform, so choose carefully.

Backpack It All Up, But Check Airline First

The last of our tech gift ideas is extremely functional for most employees: A backpack that is configured with a USB port and RFID anti-theft protection. Make sure it’s also weatherproof and large enough to fit most laptops. Careful though: Some airlines have banned these bags if they have lithium batteries that cannot be removed.

These backpacks  serve most people as an overnight bag. But for your employees who bring their work with them wherever they go, it will hold everything needed including a hardware password manager, a data blocker or two, a port blocker, a cable lock for the laptop and also a change of clothes.

The Gift of Bonding

While not a tech gift, Bondic may be just what a techie needs this holiday :a reliable fix for items that glue never seems to work on (eye glasses and headphones come to mind). Bondic is a liquid plastic so it’s able to create strong bonds by filling in gaps. To use, there is a 4-step process: clean, fill, cure and shape. 

As always, if you need some IT help or advice, contact your account manager. Not a client? Contact us or book a meeting for a quick consultation. You’ll be glad you did.

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