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Remote Server Monitoring

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Today's fast-paced business environment requires excellent efficiency for organizations to thrive. If you manage your own IT ecosystem, including servers, you know how essential it is for everything to run smoothly.

Moreover, you’re familiar with the rigors of server monitoring and management. Not to mention the process of tracking various metrics and resources to ensure everything. Given how demanding it can be, it often means sacrificing other business areas.

This is where remote server management services come in handy. While a team of experienced experts will keep your server running in peak condition, you’ll be free to focus on key areas of the business.

Aeko Technologies is your trusted local Remote Server Monitoring solutions and management services company in the Arlington, TX area. Avoid unplanned downtime with the help of remote server monitoring experts. Contact us today to speak to a remote server monitoring and management consultant.

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What Is Remote Server Monitoring?

As you may know, server monitoring involves tracking server metrics and resources to gauge performance and detect issues. The insight it provides allows you to understand how resources are being used and how you can enhance user experience.

With remote server monitoring, the same principles apply. However, system administrators use remote monitoring and management software to offer server support even during off-hours. Moreover, such an approach gives system administrators greater reach without being physically near the server.

Windows Server Monitoring

Remote Server Monitoring Solutions

Your network and server are vital components in your organization. However, if there are persistent issues or inefficiencies, productivity will be low, thus limiting your growth potential. That's why getting the services of a reliable remote server monitoring company such as us is essential.

We have a team of remote server monitoring experts who'll watch your systems round the clock. This way, you get a proactive solution that guarantees uptime and optimal performance throughout. With our remote server management services, you'll be able to monitor:

  • Windows
  • Linux servers
  • SNMP & ICMP devices such as printers and firewalls
  • Android and iOS mobile devices
  • Hyper-V servers
  • VMware hosts

From a remote location, our experts will monitor and ensure the health of your server and systems. Should we detect any issue, we’ll notify your in-house team of engineers.

Our remote server monitoring services include:

  • Year-round 24/7 monitoring of your server
  • Prompt notifications to engineers should an issue arise
  • Event log monitoring
  • Monitoring of data backup logs
  • Performance monitoring in respect to CPU utilization and disk space usage indicative of performance issues
  • Asset management
  • Application monitoring to identify application issues even if the server is up and running
  • Antivirus protection
  • Malware protection
  • Software updates, including Microsoft Patches, antivirus software, etc.
  • Off-hours maintenance
  • Internal audit reports
  • Client communicator systems

Benefits of Remote Server Monitoring

Any investments or decisions made should be based on the potential gains. In this regard, remote server monitoring solutions are a no-brainer. Along with increasing efficiency, they also offer a great return on investment.

Here are some of the benefits of working with a remote server monitoring company:

Prevents Small Issues from Becoming Major Concerns

With IT systems and hardware, it’s never a question of if you’ll encounter issues. It’s a question of when you’ll face them and how big they’ll be. While you may think you’re doing fine with manual monitoring, it has a significant limitation. It’s easy to miss issues meaning your team will notice them once they become problematic.

On the other hand, remote monitoring is more efficient. They detect issues, required updates, backups, and server irregularities and failures. The solution will then initiate the necessary action, which may involve remotely fixing minor issues.

By identifying issues early on and fixing them automatically, we'll protect you from experiencing major issues with your server.

Increased Security

Our services come with the immediate installation of important security patches. This, combined with continuous monitoring of your system's firewall, your system will be significantly more protected from attempts by hackers.

Increased Productivity of Your IT Team

Once you automate server monitoring, your IT team will have more time to focus on business-advancing tasks. This may help streamline processes and increase productivity.

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As a brand, we have only one focus, to support the IT needs of companies. While we boast of a seasoned team of experts, that’s not our best attribute. Our top-notch services come with excellent customer service and continuous support. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for remote server monitoring solutions.

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