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Aeko Technologies Sometimes wireless networks experience issues. When things go wrong, your business can suffer from the lack of connectivity. Unhappy customers, employees that can’t communicate, and therefore a dreaded (not to mention unnecessary) loss of revenue.

That’s why we’re here for you, to make sure that we correct any of your network issues so that you can access your network smoothly and effortlessly. Aeko Technologies is your trusted local provider of WiFi network installation and wireless network support and consulting services in the Plano, TX area. Our wireless network support services will ensure your company has a scalable WiFi network with strong, reliable and secure connectivity. Contact us today!

Why do businesses need wireless networks?

Wireless LAN systems are found in nearly every business nowadays. Large corporations, independents, and SMEs all make good use of the technology. Robust WiFi and the best of wireless tech mean that businesses can enjoy unprecedented connectivity, not only between employees, but between employees and customers as well as employees and the internet.

Other benefits include:

  • Increased mobility: users can access information from anywhere around the company space. This means increased teamwork and flexibility that a traditional network wouldn’t allow.
  • Installation speed and simplicity: wireless networks are far easier and quicker to install than wired ones. They also save plenty of space and reduce the risk of people tripping over wires all the time.
  • Flexibility: wireless networks can be extended to places in an organization that aren’t wire or cable accessible, as well as being easy to update to meet new requirements if your organization expands in the future.

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What Type Of Wireless Network Is Right For Your Business?

What type of wireless network is right for your business?

There are a few different types of wireless networks and standards that go along with them.

The types of wireless networks are:

  • Wireless personal area networks (WPAN): short-range networks that connect devices located in a relatively small area; generally, within a person’s reach, but this range can extend to up to thirty feet. A WPAN can also interconnect any devices that are compatible using Bluetooth technology as long as they’re near a central location, e.g., a headset to a laptop on a desk.
  • Wireless local area networks (WLAN): these networks use radio waves and not Bluetooth technology. Their range can be limited to a single room, home, or even an entire building and campus via OFDM or spread-spectrum technologies. They’re used for connecting to local resources as well as the internet. They will usually have at least one cable which serves as the access point for internet access.
  • Wireless wide area networks (WWAN): this type of network provides a wide area of coverage. They can be maintained over cities or countries via multiple satellite systems, mobile phone signals, or antenna sites. They’re a way of staying connected when other types of network access aren’t available.
  • Wireless metropolitan area networks (WMAN): WMANs connect WLANs in a metropolitan area, e.g., several WLANs from different buildings in a city.

For SMEs, WPAN and WLAN are the two viable options. For these network types, there are different types of standards or WiFi technologies available: A, B, G, N, and AC. They use different frequencies and therefore work differently.

Our Wireless Networking Services

It can be difficult or even impossible to try and work out what’s right for you. That’s why we at Aeko Technologies are proud to be your trusted local wireless network installation and support provider in the Plano, TX area.

With our expertise, we can easily help you to figure out exactly what the right solution for your business is. All you need to do is book a consultation with us today.

We offer everything from designing, to deployment, to implementation of wireless networks.
Our more-than-capable technicians can even install the finest and latest hardware for you, including wireless network adapters, servers, and cabinets.

We take pride in providing you with a variety of services that cater to your every business need, so that all of your physical and wireless demands are taken care of.

For any help with wireless networks at all, get in touch with us today!

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