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Mobile Device Management

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Aeko Technologies specializes in providing mobile device management in the Weatherford, TX area. Utilize our complete mobile device monitoring solutions to empower your company and help minimize your risks with our mobile device solutions. Contact us today to speak to an MDM solutions consultant.

Today, being mobile is critical. As a business owner, you may have added a wide range of new mobile technologies to the way you do business, all of which may enhance operations and streamline efficiencies. This makes mobile device management a critical investment for nearly all companies. Our mobile device management solutions enable you to utilize those devices while minimizing risk. Using our mobile device monitoring solutions, you know that your devices are linked, functioning at their best, and designed to be effective at security.

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The more components you add to your business, the better productivity increases. It also often leads to a significant improvement in overall efficiency. That is great for business, but you also must maintain these systems. That is where mobile device management comes into play. 

Mobile Device Management

Let Us Safeguard Your Valuable Tools

Our team offers mobile device management solutions customized to fit the specifics of your situation. That includes providing you with a wide range of solutions to keep your business running. We will work with you to determine which types of MDM solutions are best suited for your specific needs. Some examples include:

  • Protect critical business data
  • Minimizing security risks from hacking
  • Backing up data to minimize the risk of it being lost
  • Keeping mobile devices functioning properly
  • Managing and securing mobile devices
  • Keeping the operating system and software functional

Mobile Device Management

The key here is to realize that while these systems are working to enhance the way your business operates, they also need the same level of security and IT support as you would expect for any other company's computer system and network.

What Goes into Mobile Device Management?

Our mobile device management solutions are comprehensive. We can use those services best designed for your needs. Here are some examples:

  • Mobile management – Our mobile device monitoring solutions ensure you can monitor the functionality of these systems, keeping them functional and operational.
  • Device tracking – This service is designed to allow you to have a GPS tracking system uploaded that ensures that these devices are not lost. You can see where they are in real time. This may help with reporting compliance concerns.
  • Application security – Our MDM solutions also include application security, which can include app wrapping to minimize the risk of security issues with your system. You can also minimize the risk of the wrong person using these systems.
  • Identity and access management – This solution helps to put in place stronger identity and access management on the device, minimizing risks that are critical to compliance requirements.
  • Endpoint security – Utilizing this type of service, you can incorporate all the devices you have into the network of security, including IoT devices and sensors, wearables, and other types of non-traditional mobile devices.

With a wide range of services to offer, Aeko Tech can address the needs of your business. No matter the type of systems you are using, our team is dedicated to helping you ensure you get the best overall management of them, reducing risk and ensuring proper efficiency and productivity.

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Learn more about mobile device management, including mobile device monitoring solutions. Aeko Technologies offers comprehensive mobile device management solutions to fit the needs of most organizations in Weatherford, TX. Contact us now to speak to an MDM solutions consultant to learn more about how we can help you.

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