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What the Heck Does an IT Support Services Company Do Anyway?

When it comes to IT support, there is no shortage of confusing terminology. But whether companies are calling themselves a managed service provider or an IT support services company, the root service is the same: supporting your company’s network, infrastructure and other technology needs.

It sounds simple enough. But anyone who has tried to manage business IT on their own or even with a small in-house team knows better. However, a good IT support services company such as Aeko Technologies makes it simple for you.

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Network and Infrastructure IT Support Services 

All your company’s internet technology services are delivered efficiently and effectively by an IT support services company.  That means all your endpoints (devices, computers), data and infrastructure (servers) are monitored and protected. With the best IT providers, this involves proactive monitoring and patch management to prevent disruption.

The provider you choose can help you in every step of your business beginning with setting up your ITIL (internet technology infrastructure library). The newest version of ITIL uses a holistic approach with a flexible basis to support organizations when they change to a digital format and integrate digital technology into all areas of their business.

Data Backup IT Support Services 

The most important thing to keep a business healthy and thriving is to develop a data backup and recovery plan for when things go wonky. Proactive prevention coupled with a seamless disaster recovery plan is the key to long-term business resilience. The right IT support services company will help you develop a plan that backs up all your data and creates redundancies so there’s not just one copy in one place.

The value of this is proven when a natural disaster hits. If your data and backups are all in the same location, and that location happens to be in the path of a flood, hurricane or fire, you’re not likely to be able to recover all your data. Even if you can, the speed of that recovery will be much longer than it would be with redundant cloud-based backups.

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Cyber Security IT Support Services 

Your IT provider should consider manmade disasters  as well, in the form of malicious viruses, hacking, ransomware and whatever new threat cyber criminals have developed. A good IT support services company will protect you from known threats while also keeping watch as new ones emerge.

“Aeko keeps us running, protected and up-to-date at all times, and at a great cost considering the immense benefit of their whole team behind us,” said Steve Leaman, Leaman Container, Inc.

Small companies used to think that their business was secure, assuming that cybercriminals would be more interested in bigger fish. It’s true that the payoff is bigger with large businesses, but so is the risk. It is far easier for criminals to attack small businesses–especially those not investing in their cyber security. Think of it like a car thief looking for a car to steal. Sure, the sports car would bring in a better payout… but then there’s the minivan with the doors unlocked. Which would you pick?

When an IT support services company, such as Aeko, is your partner, the likelihood of being a target diminishes greatly. That’s because these IT experts will put cyber security barriers in place to protect your data. They will also rely on a backup plan and redundancies in case those barriers are compromised. You might still be ransomed or breached, but you will not lose all your data and can carry on again within a very short period of time.

If you are looking for an IT support services company, consider partnering with Aeko. We can make your business life easier while helping it grow. Contact us or book a meeting for a quick consultation.

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