How do I find top managed IT services providers?

Finding managed IT services providers in Dallas Fort Worth won’t be hard, but choosing the right one for your business will be more challenging. After all, managed IT services providers (MSPs) come in all shapes and sizes, from the guy working out of his garage to large national or global firms. To find the top IT provider for your business, start by asking potential providers these questions:

  1. What is your average customer (CSAT) satisfaction rating? What’s the period of time that covers? Will you provide references of that score?
  2. Do you monitor and support 24/7/365? For all issues or only urgent ones? Who decides the urgency, you or us?
  3. Is your office in the Dallas Fort Worth area? If not, where are your headquarters? Will you come to our offices if needed? Do you schedule regular onsite visits to review equipment or train staff?
  4. How quickly will you respond to issues or tickets? Will that response be simply “Your request has been received,” or “We’re working on it” or can I expect a resolution time frame? How soon will most tickets be resolved?
  5. What about the terms of your contracts: long-term, monthly, quarterly? What is the shortest term you offer? If we decide we’re not happy and want out, is there a penalty and how much is it?
  6. Our business is unique (in terms of industry, environment or requirements). Can you provide references from similar current clients?

Once that’s done and you’ve narrowed your search, move to specific IT requirements you need. This free download can help: Choose IT Support Checklist.

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