What is a cyber security managed service provider?

When you work with a cyber security managed service provider you receive end-to-end technology services including cyber security. They are also called managed cyber security service providers or MSSPs.

An MSSP ensures your infrastructure is secure. They assess for risks/gaps thereby identifying other vulnerabilities. After they close any found gaps, they provide recommendations to implement specific security and productivity improvements.

Your system is monitored and supported 24/7/365. When you partner with an MSSP, tech problems are handled immediately as they proactively respond to attacks — usually blocking them before they breach your system.

A quality cyber security managed service provider will also provide ongoing security training for your entire team. An unwittingly uneducated staff is a business’s top security vulnerability. MSSPs provide training to all your employees so they become part of your defense. Learn more about choosing the right cyber security partner for your business.

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