What Is IT Service Management?

An IT service management (or ITSM) company helps improve your IT to best serve you and your customers. They do this by using a process to support, plan, implement, create, operate, and deliver your IT technology. ITSMs supervise all workplace technology, including all technology services, servers, laptops, printers, passwords and all software applications.

ITSMs ultimately reduce costs, leading to better service, which in turn leads to more customer satisfaction. Here’s what an IT service management company does:

  • Examines every application and endpoint (computer, phone, scanner, etc.) to ensure they are updated to the latest system requirements (and update them if necessary).
  • Helps streamline your infrastructure to improve delivery of the high-quality internet technology needed for your business.
  • Guides you on the best type of data backup to handle any possible data breaches, whether they arise from natural disasters or criminal activity.
  • Reviews your cybersecurity processes and plans to reinforce the existing structure or offers to replace them with safer ones.
  • Ensures your company data is accessible exclusively through an authorized current endpoint user (client, staff, etc.). Additionally, the ITSM will purge the system of former clients or employees who still have access to your network. This protects your company when someone forgets to block their entry or change their passwords when they leave the company.

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